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Get Better Water in Your Home with Water Filtration!

Do you know the quality of your water? Chances are that it can be improved dramatically with water filtration services from our team here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Southern Pines. If you have been unsure about water filtration, we offer a free water consultation that can help you enjoy the many advantages of water filtration. Consider some of the following benefits to clean, filtered water.

Get Better Water in Your Home with Water Filtration Infographic

  • Your water will taste better! When you have water that tastes metallic or smells strange, you won't want to drink it- even if it's technically safe to drink! Water filtration helps to eliminate extra smells or particulates that effect the taste and smell of your water. This means no more buying bottled water and more water for your health!
  • You can enjoy cleaner water. Your cleaner, enjoyable water comes with a number of benefits for your health, your skin and your home. Water filtration will take care of particulates, chemicals and more, making it very safe to drink and use in your home.
  • There will be fewer plumbing problems. Filtered water is easier on your pipes and plumbing. This will lead to fewer clogs and fewer issues with buildup in your pipes.
  • Laundry and dishes will be cleaner. Filtered water often responds better to detergents. If you have been struggling with fading laundry or spotty dishes, it might be the water instead of the cleansers.
  • Your clothes will last longer. Because filtered water works better with most cleaners, your clothes will be washed more gently. Filtered water can also help to prevent fading and excess wear, helping your clothes keep their shape.
  • You can enjoy healthy hair and skin. Filtered water is gentle on your skin and hair. Because filtered water is more likely to work with your soap and cleansers, you'll find that your skin and hair aren't as dry and work better with gentle cleaners.
  • Cleaning will be less of a chore. When you clean with filtered water, you will get more bubbles, fewer spots, and a better overall clean finish. It's a win-win for everything you clean!

If you have questions about water filtration, please give our team here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Southern Pines a call today for your free water consultation.