Bidet Services

More and more, people are turning to bidets as a luxurious bathroom amenity. Not only do bidets significantly reduce (or fully replace) the need for toilet paper, but they’re also more sanitary,offering you and your family a cleaner experience!

Whether you’re considering installing a bidet in your home, or need bidet repair or replacement, we can help. 

The licensed plumbers at your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are ready to help you decide on the best bidet for your home and budget and install your chosen bidet correctly. 

Looking for a licensed bidet installation plumber? Call (800) 259-7705 to get your bidet installed today!

The Types of Bidets We Service

There are several types of manual and electric bidets with various features, and we install and service them all, including:  

  • Standalone bidets 
  • Bidet toilet attachments 
  • Handheld bidet sprayers
  • Bidet toilet seats
  • Built-in bidet toilets

Our Bidet Plumbing Services

When it comes to bidets, consulting with a plumber first can help you zero in on the perfect solution. Our experts can help you make a more informed decision about your bidet selection based on your needs, budget, and preferences. This includes providing you with a walkthrough of our services, a straightforward pricing guide, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Bidet Installation

Depending on the type of bidet you select, installation can be quite simple or very complex. In some cases, a simple bidet attachment or bidet seat installation may be right for you. These types of bidets are often designed for DIY installation, but a professional will be able to do so more efficiently. Any new plumbing installation such as a standalone bidet, replacement built-in bidet toilet, or electric bidet should always be done by a professional. 

By hiring an expert, you can ensure that your bidet is installed correctly and that all plumbing or electrical codes are correctly met. This helps prevent future repairs or plumbing mishaps that could lead to costly damages.

The Benefits of a Bidet

Bidets offer many benefits, including:

  • More hygienic, cleaning the user better than toilet paper.
  • More eco-friendly (vastly reduces your need for toilet paper, reducing deforestation).
  • Limits clogs and plumbing repairs.
  • Potentially better for your toilet overall as fewer clogs limit the strain on your toilet and sewer pipe.
  • Saves you money on toilet paper and water use.
  • Uses less water overall, as it takes more water to produce a roll of toilet paper than to use a bidet.
  • More user-friendly, especially for those with mobility or dexterity issues.
  • Gentler on your skin.

Bidet Repair and Replacement 

Bidet repairs are sometimes necessary if:

  • Your bidet is incorrectly installed.
  • The bidet or toilet is leaking.
  • The sprayer is inconsistent or not functioning properly. 
  • Unusual sounds are coming from the bidet. 

If you notice these signs of needed repair, call our licensed plumbers to diagnose and resolve the issue. There may be debris or blockage that needs removing, parts that need repair or replacement, or water pressure that needs adjustment.

In the case that your bidet is beyond repair, is worn out due to old age, or is no longer meeting your needs and you wish to upgrade, we can provide bidet replacement services. 

Why Hire Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Bidet Services?

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we pride ourselves on putting our customers’ needs first! Before we begin any service, we’ll be sure to discuss all options, home needs, preferences, and budget options. And to make sure you’re fully satisfied with our work, we back everything with service guarantees including:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Paying you $5 for every minute that we're late.
  • Straightforward pricing guides with no hidden fees.
  • Clean, friendly, and fully equipped plumbers. 

And because every location is locally owned and operated, you can feel confident knowing that local talent with nationally backed expertise will be providing your plumbing services.

Find Bidet Installation Near Me

Start your journey to cleaner, healthier toilet plumbing with professional bidet installation services from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – The Punctual Plumber®. Call (800) 259-7705 or request an appointment online to get started!

Bidet FAQs

Can you install a bidet on any toilet?

Yes! Several types of bidet attachments and seat options are designed to fit various toilet types and bowl styles, including round or elongated. Standalone bidets, or built-in bidet toilets, can also be purchased.

Do you need a plumber to install a bidet?

It’s not necessary to hire a plumber to install a bidet seat – most bidet seat installations can be DIYed. However, some bidets are more complex than others, or you may have additional questions about the bidet or potential toilet upgrades. If this is the case, count on our experts to answer any questions and provide professional bidet toilet or bidet seat installation services.  

Can a bidet cause plumbing problems?

Potentially. Like any plumbing appliance or fixture, wear and tear will occur over time. If your bidet isn’t properly maintained or is malfunctioning due to faulty or worn-out parts, this may result in plumbing leaks or damage. If this happens, be sure to call your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to get the issue repaired quickly!

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