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Four Advantages of Having a Stand-Alone Shower in Your Home

If you are considering a bathroom remodel at your home, but you are stuck on whether you need a full bath or not, you may have looked at stand-alone showers as an alternative. Will having a bathtub really be beneficial? Are there any advantages of having a stand-alone shower in your home? At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton, we have seen many homeowners who enjoy having a stand-alone shower, and we’ve provided four advantages of this option that may help you decide what you would like to do.
  1. Accessibility – If you are remodeling your bathroom due to accessibility concerns, stand-alone showers are a great option. Not only are they easy to enter and exit, but there are lots of shower fixtures available to make bathing a more convenient experience.
  2. Space – Do you have a small bathroom or need to fit a bathing area into a tight space? Stand-alone showers can be the perfect solution because they don’t require you to squeeze a bathtub in, as well. You can enjoy the option to shower in your designated space without feeling like your elbows are in the way.
  3. Water Conservation – Another excellent reason to consider a stand-alone shower in your home is for energy efficiency and water conservation. You may find that your water usage and your utility bills are lowered because of this great option.
  4. Privacy – If you need to bathe in a space where other people are also getting ready for their day or finishing up for the evening, a stand-alone shower can provide a great solution for privacy. With a range of options for build, style and size, you can find the shower that meets your needs best.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton, we can assist you with stand-alone shower installation and all of your other plumbing needs during a home remodeling project. Contact us today to get started.