Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Is Being Taken Outdoors

There is a growing trend at making outdoor living spaces to match their indoor counterparts. That means many homeowners are opting for remodeling projects that put kitchens, showers, and even bathrooms outdoors. No, we’re not talking about adding an outhouse in your backyard, but you have to admit sometimes it would be nice to not have to run indoors, so an outdoor powder room could be more useful than you might think. After all, is an extra bathroom ever truly a bad idea?

An outdoor shower isn’t that far from the norm, as these are often utilized in homes that have a pool. Being able to rinse off soap and oil residues before entering the pool and rinse off chlorine after swimming are both great benefits. It is also great for rinsing off after yardwork so you don’t track mud indoors.

An outdoor kitchen and entertainment area is going to be far more functional with a wet bar and sink. It will save you countless trips back into the house as you prepare a meal or entertain friends and family. It never hurts to have a water source handy in case the grill master runs into some trouble either.

If you are considering adding outdoor living space as your next remodeling project or you are considering remodeling your indoor kitchen or bath, give us a call at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton. We can help you with getting all the water lines and drain lines in place so that your outdoor kitchen and/or bath functions every bit as well as your indoor ones, as well as take care of any issues you may be having inside.