Just How Important Is It to Get Water Heater Installation Done Right?

In this age of a plethora of online videos intended to teach you everything from how to tie your shoes to performing brain surgery, it can be tempting to think you can become an overnight DIY guru for anything that needs done at your home. It is well and good to have enthusiasm because nothing fills the heart with pride more than accomplishing a new task on your own home. However, some things are more risky to attempt than others.

The sad reality is that every year, there are injuries and home damages related to improper water heater installation, usually done by a homeowner. This is really something you have to get done right, and if you are not experienced and careful the result can be very frustrating. There are two things that make this job one to leave for the professionals. First of all, consider that in the case of an electric water heater, you have the combination of water and electricity, which can be a bad mix if things go wrong. It is no safer with a gas water heater because an improper water heater installation can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

When it comes to hiring a plumber to handle water heater installation, you can be confident that your installation will be done perfectly and safely by one of our well-trained and experienced plumbers here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton We have a strict hiring policy, and only the best in the industry are invited to join our employ. Our owner has over 30 years in the industry and expects only the best. In fact only 1 out of 33 applicants meets our criteria. You can be sure your water heater installation will be done right, we guarantee it.