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Why You Should Hydro Jet Your Main Lines

Hydro Jetting Is Good for Your Main Lines

If you’re experiencing a slow-moving drain, you may think a drain cleaning may do you good! Of course, there are no downsides to a drain cleaning, the problem may be deeper than you think. Your home’s main sewer line may be the cause.

Let’s face it, your home’s main sewer line is an integral component of your plumbing system. While sewer lines may not be the most pleasant to think about, it’s important to ensure they are getting the proper maintenance the rest of your home’s plumbing system is getting. In general, it’s recommended to have your main lines cleaned once every 18 – 22 months. If the proper services aren’t completed, your system’s health can take a decline, resulting in an increased chance of plumbing damage.

Some signs you need your home’s main sewer line cleaned include:

  • Multiple Clogs at Once – Depending on the drains that are clogged, a specific pipe may need to be cleaned. If multiple drains or lines are clogging at once, from the bathroom to the kitchen, there may be an issue in your home’s sewer line. Any type of clogging in this line can lead to several drains in your home dealing with the same problem.
  • Foul Odor – Any type of foul or unpleasant odor should be treated with haste. Usually, the smell is due to either sewage beginning to come back up or even a clog present in the system. Either way, the sewer line should be cleaned to protect the health and safety of your and your family.
  • Plumbing Problems – While many homeowners may not realize it, sewer lines are the heart of our plumbing systems. When they begin to have problems, usually due to a lack of cleaning, this will have a ripple effect on your system. From bad water pressure to toilet gurgles, these should be addressed by a line cleaning professional as soon as possible.

Whether the clog is caused by tree roots, food waste, or something that should have not been flushed, hydro jetting is one of the best plumbing clearing methods you can have performed on your entire system with minimal disturbance to your property.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting continues to be one of our best methods of pipe and drain cleaning. When your home has a clog, it’s important to remove the clog, but it’s also important to remove the rest of the gunk that probably caused the clog in the first place.

Whether it’s soap scum, loose hair, mineral deposits, food waste, or something else, Hydro jetting uses advanced technology to deliver a high-pressure stream of water into your system. Not only does this clear up any of your current plumbing worries, but it also leaves your pipe looking like new – free of debris.

Not only does hydro jetting proves to minimize disturbance to your property, but it also proves to be an eco-friendly solution, and offers a wide variety of other benefits.

Hydro Jetting for Main Lines

Hydro jetting is a very effective method of cleaning drains and main sewer lines. A hydro jetting machine is used to will blast water into the drain at approximately 1500 PSI for kitchen lines and 4000 PSI for main sewer lines.

When it comes to caring for your home’s main lines, it’s important to invest in the best. While hydro jetting is a successful method of clearing drains and pipes in your home, it’s also a very efficient way of cleaning your property’s main lines. When it comes to your home’s sewer lines, it often faces much more dangerous than the rest of your system does. Whether you’re dealing with a sewer line clog or in need of some routine cleaning done, hydro jetting is a great way to expel any type of buildup that is found in your system.

Plus, unlike other snaking or rooter systems, hydro jetting can clear virtually any obstruction in your lines. While heavy mineral and scale buildup is often seen, as well as invasive tree roots, nothing stands a chance against the pressurized water. It pulverizes anything in its way, expelling it from your system.

Greater Minneapolis Hydro Jetting Services

When you need hydro jetting services for your property’s main lines, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Greater Minneapolis. While traditional mainline cleaning methods may be been fine for you in the past, it’s important to give your system the care it deserves. Our cleaning methods not only ensure your current plumbing mishap is put to rest, but they also ensure any future problems are stopped dead in their tracks. Contact our local plumbers today by giving us a call at (612) 430-6547!