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Let Our Punctual Plumbers Keep Your Drains Flowing

Even the smallest clog in your home’s plumbing system can create noxious smells, slow water flow, and even pose a health and safety concern for your family. If your clogged drain is ignored for too long, significant plumbing problems can happen, often resulting in major repairs. Clogs are common, but proper care of your drains is not. Northern Ben Franklin can prevent clogs from ever forming with regular inspection and maintenance.

There’s No Type of Drain Clog We Can’t Destroy

Seriously, our Northern plumbers have seen it all:

Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain

You use your kitchen sink drain(s) a LOT, which means more clogs more often. We’ve seen drains clogged by food buildup, grease, oil, fat, debris (even rogue silverware!) and some other things you wouldn’t believe if we told you. Northern Ben Franklin plumbers take the time to completely eradicate the clog and leave your sink drain looking like new.

Clogged Bathroom Drain

We believe it’s most important to ensure your bathroom drains are always in tip-top shape to maintain the best hygiene possible and just generally be more comfort in your home. From the sink to the shower, we will get rid of your bathroom clogs and fix your inefficient drains.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

Even all that hair buildup, toothpaste residue and soap scum combining into a monstrous blob straight out of a classic horror movie can’t stand up to Northern Ben Franklin plumbers. We’ll knock out the clog AND clean away any leftover residue, preventing that clog from coming back.

Clogged Toilet

While a plunger may help some minor toilet clogs, more significant toilet clogs should definitely be dealt with by Northern Ben Franklin plumbers. The last thing you want is an overflowing toilet or having to face sewage backup in your home. That’s a real “day-ruiner”.

Clogged Shower & Bathtub Drain

What is worse than a clogged shower or tub drain? Standing there with filthy water pooling up around your feet. Gross. You can try to unclog it yourself but probably won’t get to the root of the problem. Most DIY fixes don’t last long. Let us come do it the RIGHT way and make that drain flow better than ever!

Clogged Laundry Drain

The laundry doesn’t stop, so it's important your laundry room drains are kept clean and clear. Northern Ben Franklin makes laundry day great again!

Clogged Washing Machine Drain

You rely on your washer constantly. It has to drain the water at the end of every cycle, and lint buildup and detergent residue can accumulate, decreasing efficiency and possibly leading to bigger problems.

Clogged Utility Sink Drain

If you have a utility sink in your laundry room, basement, or garage, beware unruly clogs. Northern Ben Franklin will give your water fixtures extra care and attention to keep everything running smoothly.

Clogged Floor Drain

Floor drains help you avoid serious water damage during flooding or other plumbing emergencies, so it’s important to have a punctual plumber routinely inspect and clean your floor drains.

Clogged Outdoor Drain

Outdoor drains need proper care and maintenance too. They direct water runoff away from your home, reducing the chances of flooding and other types of common water damage. Over time, your outdoor drains can develop clogs from buildup of dirt, sand, twigs, rocks, and other types of natural debris.

Clogged Main Drain Clean Out

Your home’s main drain is your home’s sewer line. It’s super important! Running from 12 to 24 inches in length, it’s more difficult to locate any size clog. Wherever your home’s main drain is located, our plumbers will remove any clogs and clean the line to prevent sewage buildup.

Clogged Roof Drain

Whether they’re on a flat roof or alongside your gutters, roof drains MUST be cleaned out and maintained regularly just like any other drain in your home. Roof drain clogs can lead to water overflowing, causing roof leaks and other water damage around your home.

Clogged Landscape & Yard Drains

Landscape and yard drains help prevent flooding after rainfall but often become clogged with leaves, mulch, dirt, soil, and other kinds of natural debris. Northern Ben Franklin will make sure your drains are ready to handle extreme weather and protect your home.

Clogged Basement Drain & Sump Pumps

To avoid unsanitary sewage backup or flooding in the home, you’ll need to make sure your basement drains are free of debris. You’ll also need to test your sump pump regularly. Lucky for you, we can take care of all that and help you avoid flooding after heavy rainfall!

Clogged Commercial Drains

Like we said, there’s no type of drain clog we can’t destroy. That goes for commercial drains too. Northern Ben Franklin relies on proven methods, the best equipment and unparalleled experience to resolve your company’s drain and plumbing issues. Whether you own a restaurant or industrial facility, we’ve got your back.

Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

The sooner you recognize the 6 signs of a clogged drain, the sooner one of our Northern Ben Franklin plumbers can help you avoid costly repairs and hazardous consequences.


If your toilet is gurgling or bubbling before, after, or during a flush, you probably have a clog in your system. The bubbles you see or hear mean there’s a blockage somewhere in your system. You can try a plunger, but you’ll most likely need a punctual plumber to fix it for you the RIGHT way!

Water Backing Up

Any type of water or sewage backup in the home is an emergency. Not only does it mean that you have an obstruction somewhere in your plumbing, but it can also create a hazardous situation for you and your family. Backups can occur in any drain of the home.

Water Draining Slowly

A common, obvious sign of a clogged drain is slow draining water. Water should move quickly through your home’s drains, so if things are taking longer than normal, this is a telltale sign you’ve got a clog. But no need to dismay, if you call us today!  

Bad Odor

When you’ve got a clog, a bad odor often follows. It’s often a buildup of hair, soap scum, oils and bits of rotting food combining their powers to assault your senses. The foul smell can come out of your system’s other drains too.

Water Puddles

While unexplained puddles of water aren’t always a sign of a clogged drain, it’s always best to make sure. We can help you reduce water waste, save you money on your monthly water bill and reduce the chance your home or yard gets water damage. It also allows your Northern Ben Franklin plumber to locate and clear any obstructions in your system.

Causes of Clogged Drain

It’s important to understand the causes of clogged drains in order to stop them early in their formation.

Debris Build Up

The most common cause of clogged drains is a buildup of debris. Things like soap, hair, and other foreign objects can cause clogs. Some of the most common types of debris buildup we clear from our customer’s drains include soap, hair, cooking oil or grease, food scraps, and other natural debris, including twigs and leaves.

While you may not think about what happens to something you put down the sink, you will when you’re facing a major clog in your system. Be sure your drains have the proper coverings and traps to reduce the chances of clogs developing. Northern Ben Franklin can help!

Damaged Pipes

When damage occurs to your pipes, whether they’re cracked, ruptured, or simply broken, backups and clogs are a normal effect. This damage must be repaired by a Northern plumber right away. Some of the common types of pipe damage that can cause a blockage in your system include:

  • Corrosion of an older pipe due to age
  • Leaks throughout seals and joints
  • Shifting caused by changes in soil
  • Increased pressure on pipes

As a full-service plumbing company, we’re able to not only clear away the clog and debris left from the pipe damage, but we’re also able to complete any repairs your system requires.


Regardless of where you live, nature is going to take a toll on your system if you’re not careful. From events like storms to plant and tree root intrusion, our team can help you prepare and take care of anything bringing your system to a stop.


There are a few ways a storm can cause a clog in your plumbing system. One of them is the influx of water your system is intaking. If your home’s storm drains aren’t clear, or your sump pump isn’t as reliable as you thought it was, you will soon experience clogs in your system. The heavy rainfall can also bring in natural, and not so natural debris, into your system, causing major blockages.

Additionally, storms, heavy rainfall, and the flooding that follows can cause your home’s soil to shift, causing damage to your system. The increased pressure on your system can cause things to rupture, letting in pounds of soil, rock, and dirt.


You should always consider the placement of your plumbing when planting new shrubbery or trees. Regardless of how old your pipes are, any roots looking for water will latch onto your pipe and grow into it over some time. When the root expands, it will lead to slow moving drains and an inefficient system.

Flushing Items You're Not Supposed To

There are things you should and should not flush down your toilet. To give your system the best chance to remain reliable and efficient, it’s important to understand what these are. Some of the items you should always avoid flushing down your toilet include:

  • Baby or wet wipes
  • Q-tops and cotton pads
  • Coffee grounds
  • Menstrual products
  • Paper towels
  • Hair
  • Bandages
  • Medications
  • Fats and oils
  • Leftover cooking grease
  • Dental

At the end of the day, if it’s not waste or water, there’s a good chance it shouldn’t be flushed. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be flushed, ask a Northern Ben Franklin plumber!

Broken Pipes

If you have a broken water line or sewer pipe, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible! We’re experienced in locating your system's broken pipes, clearing away any debris that has been caused by the rupture, as well as delivering any repair or relining services that need to be done.

Frozen Pipes

During the colder months, it’s important to keep an eye on your pipes and ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to prevent frozen pipes. Not only do these cause obstructions in the regular flow of things, as the ice melts, but your system can also become overflooded with water. This can result in major pipe damage, backup, or more clogs throughout your system.

Vent Pipe Clogged

Plumbing vents are a critical and often overlooked component of your plumbing system. More commonly referred to as a stack, the vent pipe can run from your basement through the attic, allowing for sewer gases to be emitted. Sometimes your vent can become clogged, trapping hazardous sewer gases in your home, and adding pressure to your system. Our punctual plumbers can safely clear away any clogs your plumbing system has.

Drain Cleaning Costs - Thorough Assessments & Up-Front Pricing

What’s the price to have my drains cleaned? Unfortunately, without taking a look at your specific situation, we’re unable to give you pricing to have your drains cleaned. This is due to a variety of factors that can affect the costs of your service.

  • Length of drain
  • Location of drain
  • Severity of clog
  • Clog removal method used

Regardless of the type of clog or gunk in your drain, you can rely on our team for a thorough inspection of your system and upfront and honest pricing before any service is started. This gives you everything you need to ensure you’re making the best choice for your system.

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Using Liquid Drain Cleaner vs. Hiring a Professional Plumber

Clogged drains are a common part of life in your home. And while it may seem like liquid drain cleaner, normally found in those plastic bottles at any department store, would do the trick, it can cause more damage than good. 

When you use drain cleaning chemicals, the harsh cleaning solution enters the drain and piping and begins to heat, working its way through the clog – as well as the lining of your pipe. This provides your drain some temporary relief, but the clog is sure to come back if all the debris isn’t cleared away. Not to mention, drain cleaner is incredibly harmful to the environment, so you’ll be far better off with a professional plumber clearing your drains.

Hiring a Northern Ben Franklin plumber ensures the correct cleaning methods are being used so your lines aren’t damaged in the process. Our advanced tools and proven methods allow us to deliver clean drains that last much longer than completing DIY plumbing.

Other Drain Services We Provide:

At Northern Ben Franklin Plumbing, we’re dedicated to providing your plumbing’s drains with all the care and services it needs to stay free of clogs and various types of debris. Our plumbers are trained, licensed, and certified to complete virtually any drain service your home could need.

Drain Maintenance

Routine professional maintenance can be the key to saving you from future plumbing visits, slow moving drains, and growing frustration. Having regular drain maintenance performed will keep your system’s water flowing the way it should, as well as save you money and time and avoid having to call us out for a major drain clog.

Drain Repair & Installation

We’re proud to offer professional drain repair and installation services for all types of projects. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s drains, finish the new bathroom remodel, or need one fixed in the home, our team has the experience, tools, and know-how to deliver drain services that make life easier.

Drain Clearing

When you have a clog in your drain, let our team perform the proper drain clearing services. Using proven methods, we’ll break down the clog in your system and clear away any debris that is left behind. This ensures your whole line is free of debris and reduces the chance the clog comes back. Our drain clearing services leave your drain like it’s brand new!

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a revolutionary system of drain cleaning that utilizes streams of highly pressurized water to cut through the debris trapped in your system, including tree roots! This method of drain cleaning offers a thorough clean of your pipes and system, removes nasty and harmful bacteria in your system, and presents a much more long-lasting, cost-effective method than traditional drain cleaning methods.

Relining and Trenchless Repair & Installation

If your system needs pipe relining or installation, our team can help. We offer both traditional and trenchless sewer and water line relining, repair, and installation. Time and time again, homeowners celebrate our trenchless repair due to the minimal excavation required and quick results it offers. Our team will always offer you all of the options available to you with upfront pricing.

Camera and Video Inspections

Regardless of the kind of clog or blockage your system may be experiencing, our team can easily take the guesswork out of what’s going on. Utilizing advanced camera and video inspection gear and technology, our plumbers can conduct a visual inspection of your sewer and drain lines. This also provides a chance to see plumbing that is underground or out of sight with ease.

Drain Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Clean and clear drains are crucial to your home’s comfort, health, and safety. If you’re concerned about your drains, or the services our team provides, check out some of these frequently asked questions:

Is Drain Cleaning Necessary for Every Clog?

Yes! Drain cleaning is necessary for every clog if you want the clog to go away completely. Not cleaning the drain, and just removing the clog, gives your water room to flow again but leaves nasty gunk and leftover debris behind. Drain cleaning ensures that your drain is completely clear of all debris.

How Often Should I Schedule a Drain Cleaning?

It is recommended to schedule a drain cleaning at least once every few years. This may change depending on the frequency of use your system sees, the volume it handles, and age. Additionally, if your property sees heavy rainfall, you’ll want your outdoor and basement drains cleaned more often.

How Do I Prevent Drain Clogs in the Future?

There are a few steps you can take to prevent clogs from happening in the future. Some ways to prevent drain clogs after our drain cleaning services include:

  • Keep inorganic materials, oil, and other select items out of your drains
  • Utilize affordable drain covers, screens, and traps to protect openings
  • Run hot water down the drain regularly to clear debris
  • Schedule professional drain cleaning on a routine basis

Can A Plunger Scratch My Toilet?

While plungers are made up of soft, rubberized material, too much thrust downward can cause marks, scratches, and other cosmetic damage. In case your toilet has scratches from plunging, there are many guides available online on how to easily restore its shine.

Is Drano Safe for my Toilet and Plumbing?

With one search of the web, you’ll find that the majority – if not all – professional plumbers advise against using Drano and any other drain cleaning chemical solutions of the sort. The chemical reaction that occurs in your toilet, drain, or plumbing heats up very hot, inflicting damage on the lining of your plumbing.
Additionally, Drano doesn’t always work. If you have standing water, use Drano, and it doesn’t work, you’ll then have a fixture full of hazardous chemicals. This makes it more difficult to clear away the obstruction.

Do Plungers Work?

Yes – when used correctly! Whether you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or sink, a sturdy plunger should be able to move your clog along and restore the flow of water.

Here are the proper steps of using a plunger:

  1. Place the plunger directly atop the drain to create a proper seal.
  2. Push the plunger up and down for around half a minute while maintaining the seal created
  3. Release seal and run a test
  4. Repeat if needed

What Type of Plunger Should I Use?

There are a variety of plungers available in your local hardware or department store. Some of the most popular types of plungers offered include:

  • Cup Style – The cup plunger can also be called a classic plunger. With a red rubber cup and wooden stick, cup style plungers work the best on sinks or other flat surfaces.
  • Flange Style – Also called a toilet plunger, these plugs have a cup at the end that fits perfectly in the toilet drain. This can be used on any drain and makes it easy to form the necessary seal to clear both minor and major clogs.
  • Accordion Plunger – Similar to the flange style, accordion plungers are odd to look at but pack a punch. While it’s not great for every drain in the home, it does best handling toilet clogs due to the increased suction created.

While the basic plunger provides you a cheap option for virtually any situation, it doesn’t give you the extra power needed to handle big clogs. For this reason, we recommend going with the flange style of plunger for your clogs around the house. This ensures you’re able to create a good seal on any drain you need remedied.

Fast Response Times and Emergency Availability for Drain Cleaning. Call Today!

Do you need drain cleaning services? Give us a call! One of our Northern Ben Franklin plumbers, equipped with some of the best tools in the industry, will ensure your drains are cleaned and free of clogs.


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