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Hydro Jetting Drains in Minneapolis

When a drain is severely clogged, many home and business owners are concerned that they’ll have to dig up their pipes to correct the problem. However, hydro jetting is a great solution for many severe drain clogs. It requires no digging and is the least invasive method of drain clearing possible.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting involves the process of clearing out pipes using highly pressurized water. While it’s the least invasive way to clean out a severely clogged drain, it isn’t the best option for all pipes. Sometimes, a pipe can be too old and fragile to handle the pressure required by the hydro jetting process.

Our Minneapolis plumbers start the hydro jetting process by making sure your pipes are ready for the process. After placing a hose into one section of the pipe, we’ll then use a pressurized tank to send water blasting toward blockages. Water from this process is so forceful that it breaks up debris into small pieces, allowing it to leave your drain and enter the sewer system.

When Is Hydro Jetting Used?

Hydro jetting is most often used after traditional drain cleaning methods don’t improve a pipe’s performance. For example, our incredible BioBen drain cleaning product uses microorganisms to break down septic waste, grease, and other material that commonly clogs drains. However, drain cleaning products are not always drain clearing. When a pipe doesn’t work after a cleaning or if it requires frequent attention, it’s time to consider hydro jetting!

Hydro jetting can clear stubborn clogs from things such as the following:

  • Food
  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Roots
  • Mineral
  • Leaves, branches, and other foliage
  • Trash
  • And more!

Call Our Minneapolis Hydro Jetting Service Team Today for Help

Hydro jetting should always be done by a professional. Besides requiring specialized equipment, hydro jetting should only be performed on pipes that can safely handle the process. If hydro jetting is attempted on weak pipes, it can cause them to burst and complicate the process even more.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Greater Minneapolis, our team is ready to come to your home, diagnose your drainpipe’s issue, and help you decide what steps to take next. If we decide that hydro jetting is a safe and effective solution for you, our team will quickly perform the service so your drains can get back in business! Importantly, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If hydro jetting doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll come back an make it right at no extra cost!

You’ve got nothing to risk but clear and working drainpipes when you call the Minneapolis hydro jetting pros from Benjamin Franklin. We’re standing by to help you right now at (612) 430-6547!