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Three Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair Techniques

For hundreds of years, before the invention of PVC, there was only one material homeowners trust for house plumbing—cast iron pipes. Yes, this very strong metal is still being used in many plumbing pipes today.

However, cast iron has one weakness: rust.

Over time, cast iron pipes exposed to wastewater will become rusty and weak. Not only that, the rust can sometimes build up inside the pipe, blocking water from passing, and causing many problems for homes.

Fortunately, there are several techniques to repair severely rusted cast iron pipes and make them work like new again.

The Initial Steps: Draining and Rooting

If your drain water backs up, it is extremely important to get the sewage flowing again immediately. If sewage water can’t flow, the dirty liquid can back up into your bathroom floor or through the toilet bowl.

This can cause many health issues, which is why draining is an initial process. It treats the immediate symptom of the problem, but is not a permanent solution.

All it actually does is get the sewage flowing again for your convenience. After draining, you should get the sewage repair company to use a video camera to inspect what really is going on inside the pipes.

Once the cause of the clog is determined, you can use any of the following techniques below for a more permanent solution.

1. Hydro-jetting

Water is a very powerful force. In fact, the entire Grand Canyon is shaped by nothing more than the power of water. Hydrojetting uses the power of water to clean and remove debris inside the pipe.

High-pressure water jets can clean roots, rust oil sludge, ‘fatbergs’ and other materials that clog your sewer pipe.

However, if there are damages on the sewer pipe itself such as leaks or holes, this will not fully solve the problem and you would need either pipe bursting or pipe lining.

2. Conventional Sewer Replacement

First step is to remove the water from the sewer pipe, clearing the line by Roto-Rootering or Hydro-jet. Next we insert a waterproof fibre-optic camera this is inserted the clogged pipe to locate the broken or dis-aligned pipe, blockage or clog. We analyse the video to determine the source of the problem. Once the problem is located we fix the cracked, broken, deformed, and collapsed sewer pipes in a fast and efficient manner. We provide a full estimate and explanation of the process before work will begins.

3. Pipe Bursting

Another effective repair technique is pipe bursting. This is the method of replacing the old pipe with a new one without having to dig the sewer pipe out first, also known as trenchless sewer repair.

This uses machinery that destroys the old pipe while installing the replacement slowly, but surely. Since it is basically a new pipe, all the problems caused by the old one will be eradicated.

These are the most effective cast iron sewer pipe repair techniques that you can use in repairing your old problematic sewage line. Just remember to always choose a reputable plumbing company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wilmington DE for quality sewer pipe repair.

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