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Q&A: Is It True Hard Water Hurts My Skin and Hair?

A woman drying her hair

I’ve heard beauty bloggers say that hard water makes your skin look irritated and patchy while making your hair dry and brittle. Is that true and why?

True — 100%. However most people don’t notice the effects of hard water because they’ve been living with it for their entire lives. Even if you don’t notice your skin is dry and your hair is brittle, you also don’t know how good it could be.

So how does hard water dry you out?

“Hard” minerals like calcium and magnesium infiltrate your water supply and make the water “hard.” When you have minerals in your water, every glass of tap water, every load of dishes and every shower uses hard water.

Yet drinking the “hard” minerals don’t ruin your skin and hair. Showering in it does.

Well, how does hard water do that?

When the water dries or evaporates, the “hard” minerals remain. Those “hard” minerals leech the healthy oils from your skin and hair, drying them out.


Cosmetic approach

This is the route you’re probably already taking. By using moisturizers and conditioners you can replenish the oils your body needs.

Every shower you take will dry you out little by little, but if you make precautions part of your routine, you’ll keep your skin and hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Plumbing approach

On the other hand, you can address the source of the problem by bringing us out.

Benjamin Franklin plumbers offer two easy methods to eliminate hard water damage.

  1. Water softeners—which remove the hard minerals from water.
  2. Descalers— which prevent the hard minerals from forming the scale that dries your skin and your hair.

Either of these professional methods prove EXTREMELY effective at neutralizing the negative impact of hard water.

Contact us to discuss proven water softening solutions.