6 Benefits of a Water Softener in Nebraska

A water softener is a mechanical device you attach to your plumbing system to remove minerals from your water. In a way, it’s similar to a water purifier, but it’s solely focused on cleaning out minerals like magnesium and dissolved calcium. These minerals, among others, can cause your water to become “hard.” Hard water is known to cause rust, clogged pipes, and can wear down your clothing among other issues. However, having soft water isn’t the only reason you should get a water softener for your Nebraska home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha can give you six reasons you should consider a water softener for your home.

Here are six reasons to get a water softener in Nebraska:

Lower energy bills

Almost every appliance in your home works better when using soft water. When you have hard water, the limescale and other minerals in the water can clog pipes, scratch them up, or make heat transfer harder. Because of the many problems water heaters can experience from mineral build-up, a water softener is especially useful for your water heater. Since you likely use plenty of water every day, your water heater is a big contributor to energy bills. Any steps you can take to make it more efficient can help reduce your bills.

Longer pipe and appliance life

The minerals in water have a tendency to encourage corrosion in anything slightly conductive to electricity. In addition, it can also build up in pipes and cause clogging issues. These issues all contribute to shorter product lifespans. In addition, hard water can leave behind soap scum on your plumbing, water-using appliances, and washed dishes. Scrubbing off that soap scum often causes scratches that can weaken your appliances or leave them looking less pleasant.

Environmental benefits

This reason ties back to the benefit of lower energy bills. When your appliances are more efficient due to the lack of hard water problems, they’re using less energy and water. As a result, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and using less water, which also helps reduce your utility bills.

Reduced soap usage

As you may know, cleaning yourself with hard water can lead to dry skin and hair. However, when you wash with hard water, it also interferes with the usage of soaps and shampoos by making it hard to lather. By using soft water, you can expect to use about 75% less shampoo, saving you more money.

Softer, brighter clothes

When you use hard water to wash clothes, the minerals in the hard water get caught in the fabrics. When this happens, clothes get stiff, their colors fade, and the fabrics can get damaged. Using soft water helps keep your clothes looking their best and helps them last longer. This is yet another way soft water can help you save money.

Water plants safely

Hard water isn’t the only reason to get a water softener from our expert Nebraska plumbers. If you have a garden, you might know there are certain water-based chemicals you don’t use on your plants. One of these is chlorine, which water treatment plants often use to treat your water by killing off bacteria. If you want to water your plants with chlorinated water, you have to let it sit in an open container for half an hour. That way, the chlorine drifts out and your petunias don’t get a dousing of chemicals. With soft water, you don’t have to worry about what’s in your gardening water.

What makes Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha my best choice for purchasing water softeners and other plumbing supplies?

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