4 Signs of an Imminent Shower Head Replacement in Nebraska

Showers are supposed to be a relaxing way to get clean. However, if something goes wrong with the shower, you may find yourself washing with frigid water. Few things in life will have you appreciating warm running water more than a faulty shower head. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha, we want you to be able to enjoy yourself while you’re cleaning up. That’s why we’re providing a list problems that could require a shower head replacement in Nebraska.

Here are four problems that can facilitate a shower head replacement in Nebraska:

Changes in water pressure

One of the biggest indicators of an old shower head is when the water pressure is acting up. Has the stream of water become weaker than it should be? Or does it fluctuate between a full spray and a weak trickle? Keep in mind, pressure problems might not be a sign of old age. Maybe the shower head is just loose and needs to be tightened. It’s also possible the problem is coming from the pipes itself, such as a sediment buildup in the pipes. Or it could just be that the shower head getting old.

Constant dripping

If your shower head is constantly dripping, it might be a sign you need to replace it. However, like water pressure problems, there are other things that can make your shower head leak. It’s possible your water supply valves or washer ring are worn out. They’re relatively cheap to replace, so check those first before committing to buying a new shower head.

Sediment buildup

Generally, the water that goes into your home goes through treatment with a variety of chemicals to make the water safe for consumption. However, these chemicals make the water ‘hard’ and can cause a variety of problems, including dry skin. Shower heads have screens inside them to filter these out, but they can get dirty over time. This can cause sediment to build up around and in the shower head. It’s easy to spot the white, rocky calcium the builds up on the shower head.

Mold growth

This symptom of a shower head in need of replacement is similar to the previous problem. If your shower head has a hard water filter and you see small black dots forming on it, that’s black mold. Black mold is toxic and can have a variety of negative effects of your health and the health of your family. In addition, it’s very hard to get rid of black mold, even if you hire our professionals. In the end, it’s more cost effective to buy a new shower head altogether than try to clean it. When choosing your next shower heads, consider a metal one if you can afford it. It’s much more resistant to mold growth than plastic versions.

Why should I go to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for my new shower heads?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha is a locally owned and operated plumbing company with almost 15 years of experience. Our company offers a wide variety of products from all the big brands for all of your plumbing needs. Some of our nozzles or shower heads contain modern sensor-operated column showers that distribute the water over a large solid angle. This utilizes less water to wet the same area and is more eco-friendly. Low flow shower heads can use water more efficiently by aerating the water stream, while some shower heads can be adjusted to spray different patterns of water. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha today to learn more about us, our services, and our products!