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York Water Treatment

Our York Water Treatment Pros Are Ready to Make Your Water Enjoyable to Use

While the water that comes out of your home or businesses faucets is ready for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other uses, it doesn’t mean that it’s as good as it can be. Water treatment systems are a great solution for people who don’t like the taste of tap water or want the peace of mind provided by being sure that their water is as free from contaminants as possible.

When it comes to picking a water treatment system for a home or business, you have many options. The York water treatment experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Lancaster are ready to listen to your needs and help you find the water treatment solutions that are suited to your preferences.

We Have Solutions for Hard Water in York, PA

While there are no problems with drinking hard water, it can still cause problems for a home or business’ plumbing systems and its users. Calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals cause water to be hard. When these substances are in drinking water, they can alter its taste. Additionally, it can make soap difficult to use by altering the way it reacts with water. Not only does hard water make soap less effective, it can cause it to form soap scum that’s hard to clean up. Finally, hard water can cause mineral deposits to build on home appliances and can even cause pipe to clog!

A water softener is one of the best solutions for hard water. These systems use complex process to remove minerals from water. They help dishes dry spot-free, improve the taste of water, and can help make taking showers easier. Since water softeners can also prolong the life of clothing and dish washers, they care more than a luxury for many homeowners.

Water Purification Systems in York

Even if your home doesn’t have issues with hard water, it might still not have the taste you are looking for. Water purification systems can solve this by removing the fine particles in water that alter its taste. While tap water has been purified by a local municipality, having your own water purification system at your home can help ensure that contaminants it picked up during transportation is remedied. Best of all, water purification systems are great for people who buy water rather than drink from their tap. Save time and money by never needing to replenish your purified water supply again!

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Lancaster today at (717) 210-5644 to learn more about the water treatment systems our plumbers install in the York area.

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