Are Plumbing Problems Affecting Your Health?

people who are sneezing

Plumbing problems are never fun to deal with, and sometimes, it can be tempting to put off that call to the plumber until the issue gets so bad you just can't live with it. In our travels around Bucks and Montgomery County, providing boiler repair service in Lansdale, PA, and the surrounding communities, we see the consequences of plumbing-related procrastination all the time.

Sometimes, one of those consequences is poor health.

You read that right. Left unaddressed, certain issues within a plumbing system can make you and your family sick. Here are three of the most notable examples.


Cracks in pipes, ill-fitting pipe joints or bad seals around appliances can result in the insidious drip, drip, drip of excess moisture that we know as a plumbing leak. If you don't see or hear them, leaks can go unchecked for prolonged periods of time in hidden-away areas of your home. This video illustrates some of the common spots where leaks tend to lurk.

Not only will water leaks damage walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture over time, but they can also become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Once mold spores enter the air, they go directly into the lungs of everyone breathing that air and can either cause or exacerbate allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses.


Like leaks, clogs hide in places where they're difficult to spot — and reach, without professional tools. Clogs tend to be made of a disgusting mess of dirt, hair, food particles, soap scum or even toilet paper, and we probably don't need to tell you that unhealthy bacteria and pathogens feel quite at home within the mess. Calling a plumber is your best bet when dealing with a clog because a pro knows how to:

  • Reach the clog without damaging equipment or property
  • Eradicate the clog safely
  • Clean the work area thoroughly
  • Restore everything in the system to normal working order


If you live in an older home with fixtures that haven't been replaced in who-knows-when, there's the chance your plumbing could be introducing harmful lead into your water. Additionally, if you notice your water is discolored, with a reddish-brown hue, it's time to call a plumber to check on your water heater. If it's getting up there in years and hasn't been maintained properly, the tank could be corroded and filled with sediment buildup that's potentially harmful to your family's health. 

Scheduling regular maintenance and staying on top of necessary boiler repairs in and around Perkasie, PA, can eliminate any health risks associated with a plumbing system. 

To have a trained professional inspect your pipes and fixtures and make sure everything is clean, sanitary and functioning properly, give the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today.