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Don't Get Stuck: Preventing Clogged Drains

As homeowners, we're all familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with a clogged drain. Whether you're hearing a few gurgles from your kitchen sink or seeing the water in your toilet rise at an alarming rate, you have an idea of what's coming next. Plumbing blockages can pose a major inconvenience, rendering sections of your house completely without running water for days at a time.

If you're experiencing a clogged drain, give Ben Franklin Doylestown a call. We have you covered for everything from sewer blockages to water heater repair in Buckingham and the surrounding areas. In the meantime, here are some handy ways to prevent such clogs from ever occurring.

Smart Garbage Disposal Use

Certain food items tend to be repeat offenders when it comes to blockages in kitchen sinks. Cooking grease is one of them. When grease goes down the drain, it tends to stick to the sides, catching other food particles over time. Coffee grounds are another common culprit of sink blockages. Some people believe that they serve to eliminate odors and even help to clear garbage disposal clogs. On the contrary, they tend to only clump together and create even more problems. Instead of letting coffee grounds and grease or other fats and oils go down the drain, try to throw them in the trash. If you really want to cut down on garbage disposal orders or build-up, consider using lemons and ice.

Install Screens or Filters

Grates or other kinds of filters can save you a lot of trouble with your bath or shower drains. Typically, hair, toothpaste, or soap scum tends to build up in these drains. With a screen, you can catch these problem materials before they have a chance to cause a clog. If you aren't sure what kind of filter you need, consider taking a picture of the fixture in question and bringing it to your local hardware store.

For help with a clogged drain, call Ben Franklin Doylestown today. To learn more about our company and the other services we provide, like water heater repair in Warminster and elsewhere throughout Bucks County, contact us at (215) 712-8650.

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