Which Boiler Is Right for You?

Nobody wants their heat to fail in the middle of a record-breaking winter storm. Unfortunately, this happens to countless Americans almost every day around this time of year. Without regular maintenance, it is easy to allow boilers to fall into disrepair. Often, age is enough to put a boiler out of commission. If you suspect that your boiler is on its last legs, it may be time to start looking for a new unit.

When considering a new boiler unit, property owners need to take a number of factors into account. What is the size of the structure that the unit will heat? Does your building or household often use multiple taps at the same time? Do you want to save more on your utility bills by purchasing a more energy-efficient unit? If you call Ben Franklin Doylestown, one of the most trusted plumbers in the Bucks County, PA area, we can help you choose the best option for your property.

  • Electric Boiler – Electric units provide property owners with quiet, consistent performance that eschews the need for more traditional fuels. They also often take up little space.
  • Conventional Boiler – Traditional boilers heat water using a tank, which helps ensure consistent performance for larger residences or businesses.
  • Combination Boiler – Smaller residences or storefronts can save money by using a combination boiler, which forgoes a storage tank. Instead, it receives water directly from water mains while still providing both heat and hot water on demand.
  • System BoilerFor structures of average size, a system boiler can give many of the same benefits as a conventional unit. By storing water in a cylinder, it helps to maintain consistent water pressure to multiple taps at the same time.
  • Commercial BoilerFor large businesses, educational institutions, or office buildings, commercial boilers provide the capacity and power necessary to perform consistently.

Interested in purchasing a new boiler unit? Call us at (215) 712-8650 to learn more about all the options available to you. For boiler installation and other professional plumbing services in Doylestown, PA, and the surrounding areas, you can rely on our team here at Ben Franklin Doylestown.