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Protect Your Home From Serious Plumbing Problems This Summer With These 3 Tips

Summer is a carefree season, with kids out of school and the warm weather making it difficult to concentrate on anything but fun. However, if a plumbing problem arises, it cannot be ignored. While in the winter it's common that pipes will freeze and burst, in the summer there's potential for clogged garbage disposals, sewer line trouble and outdoor water line breaks.

Ben Franklin Doylestown has seen it all. We've been there for clogged toilets, burst pipes and hot water heater leaks. For over 30 years we have served the Doylestown, PA, area with emergency plumbing services, regular maintenance programs and essential repair options. Our Ben Franklin Doylestown team wants you to enjoy your summer and not worry about any plumbing issues, so we've put our heads together and created these tips to protect your home.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Keep your garbage disposal running smoothly by paying extra attention to what's going in it. It might be tempting to throw all your leftovers from the 4th of July barbecue, but beware – the extra grease and fat is a sure way to clog it.

Our Pro Tip: Run cold water before and after usage to clear away any residual waste in your disposal.

Sewer Line Trouble

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring€¦summer thunderstorms. Is that how it goes? At any rate, the warm summer months are notorious for some serious and heavy thunderstorms. When the ground becomes saturated, water then starts to escape into sewer drains and pipes.

Our Pro Tip: Service sewers before summer approaches. This will save the hassle of dealing with it the night before vacation.

Check For Leaks Throughout the Home

Toilets, showerheads and faucets — all suspect to leakage — will cause water damage if not taken care of immediately. During the summer there is going to be more traffic in the home, so it's critical to call a plumber at the first sign of a leak. Also, be aware that pipes can burst in the summer from the heat, just as they do in the winter.

Our Pro Tip: Check for pressure changes in your water — this is a sure sign your pipes might be ready to burst.

Contact the professionals at Ben Franklin Doylestown this summer if any of the above situations happen. Or, if you need emergency plumbing services in Doylestown, we are available!

Our Guarantee: Your complete satisfaction with our plumbing services and technicians is 100% GUARANTEED.