5 Signs That You Should Have Your Water Treated

Even though water primarily consists of oxygen and hydrogen, there are many hard minerals that can get into the water in your home. These minerals include iron, chlorine and calcium. They can not only damage your appliances that use water, but can cause serious health issues for you and your family. The following five signs will let you know that it's time to call a technician at Ben Franklin Doylestown for water treatment in Warminster or any other town in our service area.

  1. Worn out and destroyed rubber or plastic in fixtures

If you notice that appliances' rubber or plastic is becoming worn down, it's a sign that there is too much chlorine in your water. Excess chlorine can cause pipes to burst, which can result in expensive plumbing repairs. In terms of health, chlorine reacts with organics that produce THMs, agents that have been proven to cause cancer.

  1. Stains in toilets bowls and sinks

Have you ever wondered what that reddish/orange ring is in your toilet bowl? That stain is the result of iron. Iron is a hard mineral that can cause permanent damage to your appliances. In addition to the stain, iron can get built up in the water closet of toilets, resulting in the need for an appliance replacement if it is not treated.

  1. Rotten egg smell in your water

If you experience a stench in your water that smells like rotten eggs, that means that there is too much hydrogen sulfide in your water. Hydrogen sulfide can also make itself known by producing black stains. This chemical is corrosive and can damage water fixtures in your home.

  1. Soap scum and spots on dishes

Spots on your dishes and soap scum or rings in your appliances are signs of hard water. Hard water contains minerals that can cause illness and the need for appliance replacement. If water is softened, it can make dishes and appliances cleaner in terms of appearance and water quality.

  1. Damage to fabric/dulling of colors

If you're beginning to notice that the color or quality of your fabrics are fading, you may have hard water. In addition to ruining appliances and causing health concerns, hard water can also ruin clothing, which ends up costing you more money.

We here at Ben Franklin Doylestown provide water treatment services in Hatboro and nearby areas that can rid your water of hard minerals and save your appliances. To schedule a service, call (215) 712-8650.