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Plumbing Maintenance Tips for your Home

Sometimes, you may come across some basic plumbing problems. It’s best that you’re prepared for these situations. Here are some basic plumbing maintenance tips for your home for you to keep in mind.

In general:

Make sure to watch for any water leaks.
Don’t wait to repair any problems you have. Get it done quickly.
Know how to shut off appliances.
Know where shut off valve is in case of plumbing overflows.
Know how to deal with minor problems.

For the bathroom:

Run hot water down the drain to keep it free flowing.
Use strainers to make sure that hair and soap hips don’t go down the drain.
Clean strainers often.
Don’t flush things down the toilet and instead keep a wastebasket nearby.

For the kitchen:

Be careful of what you put in the garbage disposal.
After using the garbage disposal, run water down the drain to clear waste.
Don’t pour grease down the drain.
Clean the garbage disposer by grinding ice and lemon or orange in it to remove odors.

For the laundry room:

Use stainless steel braided hoses instead of rubber hoses.
Check pipes for leaks.
Make sure to have a strainer on your laundry hose and drains
Use a flood alarm to warn of leaks or overflows.

Keep these tips in mind at all times. They can help you prevent major plumbing problems or deal with minor ones. And if you ever come across a plumbing problem you can’t handle, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Port St. Lucie is always here to help you.

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