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5 Things You Don’t Know About Plumbers

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Your plumber is an important homeowner resource. But we bet there are a few things you know about plumbers: the full breadth of their services, what they wish you knew, and even how they could save you money. Years of experience teach plumbers some valuable things that make a huge difference in the service they provide their customers.

Here are five things your plumber wishes you knew:

1. Plumbing training is serious business. We know many homeowners may have watched videos and looked up information to help them work through minor plumbing problems. But many projects are out of the realm of DIY. Plumbers have years of training on industry standards and stay up to date on the latest appliance, system, and industry changes. Even more, your plumber should have years of experience on the job. Because plumbers deal with a wide variety of appliances, systems, and issues, more experience means your plumber will not only be able to help you quickly but safely and effectively.

2. Safety is a top priority because plumbing dangers are real. Speaking of safety, plumbers may also face some dangerous situations and therefore take safety training and practices seriously. Plumbers can sometimes be exposed to dangerous chemicals, biohazards, or sewage during their work. Also, plumbers often work with high water and air pressure systems. If pipes burst, a plumber often faces an intense amount of pressure (upwards of 100 pounds of pressure!) and hundreds of gallons of water per minute.

3. Garbage Disposals are a frequent foe. Yes, plumbers often hate these appliances. Garbage disposals aren’t designed to handle many of the items people use them for. Many people treat garbage disposals like trash receptacle, which often leads to clogs.

4. Plumbers are long-term money savers. Why? Getting a fix or maintenance now often means you save money later. Plumbers can inspect and service small issues before they grow, including in your septic system or sewer lines. They can even help you quickly get a flooded basement cleaned up. Additionally, plumbers can install water-using appliances or conduct a plumbing inspection before you purchase a new home. Keep big problems at bay with an experienced plumber.

5. What is “flushable” isn’t always flushable- and it’s up to plumbers to fix it. Just like with what you might be putting in your garbage disposal, plumbers often have to deal with the consequences of so-called “flushable” items, including feminine hygiene products, floss, paper towels, and flushable wipes. What’s more, because today’s toilets are efficient and use less water, they might not even be able to force the items into your drain. Over time, these not-so-flushable items can build up into clogs because they aren’t designed to break down in the water.

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