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Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Showers

outdoor shower

Outdoor showers are great because they allow you to safely remove sand, debris, and chlorine from your body without having to track it in your home. They’re a must-have for anyone that lives near the beach or has a pool. Outdoor showers are even great for dog owners because you can safely and securely wash your pup without making a mess indoors!

Just like your indoor shower, your outdoor shower requires regular maintenance and care. We’ve put together a helpful guide for outdoor shower and plumbing maintenance tips.

  • Air it Out: Ideally, you want to have your outdoor shower located where the sun can dry it out and that the air can flow through—all while maintaining some privacy. Be sure to keep your shower dry and don’t let moisture linger because it could turn into mold and may attract insects.
  • Clean it: Regularly clean your outdoor shower as you would with the shower in your bathroom. Especially if you have plumbing fixtures that are exposed to the elements. Make sure to clean off any grime and mildew to keep your shower head free and clear.
  • Frost Proof Pipes: While the summers are nice and warm at the Jersey shore, winters can be the polar opposite. Make sure you have proper frost-proof piping in your outdoor shower. If you’re unsure what type of pipes or protection you have, give us a call.
  • Drain Pipes: In addition to ensuring you have the proper pipes to handle the weather, make sure you are draining the pipes before the chill sets in. You can also cover up any hoses or showerheads to protect from the elements when not in use.
  • Keep it up to Code: Whether you installed it yourself or purchased a home with an existing outdoor shower, you’ll want to have a licensed plumber inspect. They will make sure it complies with local codes and will make sure it’s in proper working order.

Outdoor Shower Installation in South Jersey

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor shower? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Pleasantville is the choice for expert outdoor plumbing installation in Atlantic county. In addition to outdoor shower installation and maintenance, we also offer other outdoor plumbing services for spigots, hoses, sinks, and sprinklers. Our plumbers are ready to serve you. Schedule a service with our crew today!