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What to do About a Burst Pipe (Before the Plumber Arrives)

Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is a nightmare every homeowner dreads. Although pipe bursts are not common, they can create a huge mess and damage on floors, walls, and property when they occur. While you don’t anticipate burst pipes, it is important to know how to handle the situation when it happens.

These tips will help you control the damage a burst pipe may cause as you wait for a plumber to fix it.

Turn Off The Water From The Main Supply

The first thing you need to do when a pipe burst is turning off the water from the main supply. It will help reduce the water flow pressure as you try to find a way to drain the excess water. It is important to ensure that every family member knows where the shut-off valve is located for emergency control. The next thing you should do is drain the water by running the faucets and flushing your toilet multiple times. Also, ensure you turn off the water heater. Always drain cold water first to keep the pipes from freezing.

Locate The Burst Pipe

After ensuring that no water is flowing in the pipes, find the ruptured pipe and inspect the damage. If the leak is a result of a small crack, it might be easy to fix. Also, consider whether it’s the main or the smaller pipes which are broken. Repairing the main pipe should be handled more carefully, irrespective of the size of the crack. To avoid creating more damage, you may need to contact a professional plumber.

Repair What You Can

If upon inspection you find the crack is fixable, you can patch it immediately. If a pipe needs replacement, you can rush to the nearest hardware store and purchase one but be mindful of the size of the pipe. Alternatively, you can use rubber, a wooden piece, and a clamp to temporarily repair small breaks and cracks.

Clean and Dry the Affected Areas

If the leak has been running for a long time, then floors, walls, and ceilings may be wet and need immediate drying. Keep the windows and doors open to allow in fresh air. You may even call a professional drying team to help if most parts of your house are damp.

Seek Professional Help

Repairing burst pipes can be a daunting task. A regular maintenance check can help detect early signs of damaged pipes and avoid the huge costs of repair and high water bills resulting from water leakages. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert Nashville plumbers are ready to help you maintain, repair, and replace your water pipes at any time. Call us today at (800) 259-7705 for professional plumbing services. We are available 24/7!