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How to Change a Showerhead

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Are you still showering with an old, crusty showerhead? It’s time to upgrade!

Replacing your shower head is an easy process that any homeowner can do on their own. And with many styles and features on the market, you can select the best shower head for your needs.

Items Needed to Change a Showerhead

  • New showerhead
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Slip-joint pliers – preferably soft jaw
  • Plumbers tape
  • Cleaning rags

Change a Showerhead with These Easy Steps

With these easy steps, you can go from old and worn to new and efficient.

  • Step One: Start by loosening the current fixture using slip-joint pliers. If you’re having a hard time loosening the showerhead, try placing a rag under the pliers for extra grip. Once it’s loose enough, unscrew with your hands. Be sure to protect the shower arm—the pipe that goes into the wall—to avoid damage.
  • Step Two: After you’ve removed the old showerhead, clear away limescale buildup using your washcloth. This will help with the efficiency and flow of your new showerhead and will make installation easier.
  • Step Three: Unpackaged your new shower head and be sure to read the instructions listed by the manufacturer. There may be extra steps such as attaching parts before you thread them onto the shower arm.
  • Step Four: Locate the threads on the shower arm and apply a pass or two of plumbers tape or Teflon tape over the threads. This will ensure a tight seal when you attach the showerhead.
  • Step Five: Now you’re ready to install your new showerhead. Whether you’re installing a fixed place head or a model with a handheld sprayer, the installation process is similar. Simply thread the fixture onto the shower arm and turn clockwise to tighten. You may want to use a wrench at the end to ensure a tight fit, otherwise, you can use your hands to tighten, depending on the type of nut.
  • Step Six: Test it out! Turn on the water slowly and check for leaks. If you have water spraying out at the shower arm, you may need more plumber’s tape or you may need to tighten the showerhead more.

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