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How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home

Faucet with running water

If it takes you longer than usual to fill up your bathtub, or your kitchen sink has water flow problems, the water pressure in your home could be to blame. Clogged pipes are usually the culprit, but your water provider might have limited your water supply for whatever reason. Here’s how to improve your water pressure.

Check Your Water Pressure

If the City manages your water supply, contact them and ask for a water pressure reading. You can also check your water supply with a pressure gauge. (You can buy one of these devices from most hardware stores.) Typically, the low water pressure reading is anything less than 40 psi.

How to Boost Water Pressure in House

If you have a water pressure reading of 40 psi or less, ask the City to increase the supply of water in your home. If they can’t or won’t do this, you can install a water pressure booster system, which increases the amount of water that comes from the faucets and appliances in your property.

“A water pressure booster pump works with an expansion tank. This is a closed tank. It has a bladder and is pressurized,” says DoItYourself.com. “The pump pulls water into the tank on the side of the bladder. This compresses the air in the bladder and the water becomes more pressurized.”

Clean Your Pipes

If you have a regular water pressure reading (anything above 40 psi), but still have problems with your water supply, there could be an issue with your piping system. Household pipes can become clogged over time and disrupt the flow of water as it passes from the water pump to the pressure tank.

Hiring a professional to clean your piping system requires an initial outlay but will provide you with a long-term return on your investment, especially if you take out a protection plan. As a result, you can increase water flow in your home and optimize your household appliances without breaking the bank. A plumber can also check for other problems, such as hard water or the chemicals in your drinking water.

Looking for a professional who can clean your pipes and improve the water supply in your home? Benjamin Franklin specializes in home water treatment, water conditioning, and, of course, pipe maintenance and repair. Contact Benjamin Franklin today and find out more!