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Celebrate National Hug a Plumber Day


Hug a Plumber Day

Have you hugged your plumber lately? If not, now’s your chance. Saturday, April 25 is National Hug a Plumber Day, a time to take a moment to appreciate those brave men and women who unclog our drains and keep our toilets flowing. Even if you don't want to literally embrace your local plumber, making a call to say thank you is a meaningful and appropriate gesture to these technicians who are so crucial to the health of your home.

An Enormous Skill Set

Simply put, indoor plumbing is essential to modern living -- and one of the greatest public health breakthroughs in history. We take for granted things like morning showers and functioning toilets when they are working, but if things break down, life can get ugly in a hurry. That's when the plumber steps in to save the day.

Even billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appreciates the plumbing profession. “Being a plumber is a great job,” Bloomberg said to CNN last year. “You have an enormous skill set.”

Here are just of a few good reasons to give your plumber a big “thank you”:

  • Plumbers are willing to handle even the dirtiest jobs, regularly dealing with hazards like biofilms and sewage. They take care of the nasty parts of your house so you don't have to.
  • They bail you out of major emergencies, like if your pipes burst and water is flooding the house, or the water stops working and you can't use your toilet or shower.
  • The plumber is there for little jobs, too, like stubbornly clogged drains or leaky faucets.
  • A good plumber will also be proactive, giving you advice on how to steer clear of common problems and do preventative maintenance so you never have to make that emergency call in the first place.
  • Your plumber can help you save money in the long run by installing low-flow fixtures and giving you tips on how to conserve water and cut back on bills.

Guardians of Civilization

Most Americans couldn't imagine living without indoor plumbing, and it's the under-appreciated plumber who keeps the water flowing.

“Our civilization is held together by people who keep the lights on, pipe connected, and who keep it warm in the winter and cold in the summer,” Benjamin Franklin Plumbing partner and television personality Mike Rowe said recently to Contractor Magazine. “Our relationship with these people is critical and that part of our workforce is fundamental to society.”

So don't wait until your pipes are frozen or the bathtub is clogged to let your plumber know how much you appreciate his or her work. If you haven't already, take a moment to hug them this Saturday or any day.

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