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What’s In Your Water?

Picture of faucet with water spots

Hopefully, it’s just good ‘ole H2O. However, contaminants are common, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Hard water is water with high mineral content. The higher the mineral’s found, the harder the water. The real threat here is not to you, but rather to your property.

Although hard water cannot harm you, and it is okay to drink and wash things in it, it does leave residue behind. If you see any of the following signs—you probably have hard water—contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton.

Signs You Have Hard Water

  1. You see white residue on your dishes and all inside of your dishwasher

  2. Your clothes, towels, and bedsheets feel rough and look uncharacteristically dull

  3. You have scale buildup on faucets

  4. Your water tastes or smells “off”

  5. You are experiencing dry skin

  6. You have low water pressure

  7. Your appliances that are hooked up to a water line are malfunctioning

  8. Your plumbing fixtures are not working

How To Solve Your Hard Water Problem

Rather than constantly replacing your dishes, clothes, and appliances, install a water treatment system! Water treatment systems filter out the minerals that make water hard and remove any possible harmful contaminants such as chlorine and bacteria. Your water will no longer leave white residue or stains behind with a water treatment system!

Water treatment systems also filter your potable water to ensure your water is healthy for consumption. The taste of your water will also improve as a result of installing a water treatment system.

Additionally, your new water treatment system will reduce wear and tear on your appliances and fixtures. Hard water causes sediment build-up within plumbing systems, hindering their efficiency. With a water treatment system, sediment will not get the chance to clog your fixtures, as the hard water minerals are broken up and filtered out of your plumbing.

Lastly, your utility costs will lower, as less energy will be needed to complete plumbing and appliance functions. Start saving and install your water treatment system with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton.

To schedule water treatment system installation contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton, at (800) 259-7705.