Rising Temperatures Could Mean Higher Utility Bills

Sarasota, FL (June 10, 2014) – Summer’s soaring temperatures often bring more water use, whether due to the sprinkler or the slip ‘n’ slide. Because of this, many homeowners experience higher utility bills during the summer.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been serving your area for years. We have these tips to save water this summer and beat the heat by keeping your water expenses from climbing.

  • Turn down the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps ensure you’re not wasting energy (and money!) to unnecessarily heat water.
  • Sometimes washing dishes by hand can use more water than your dishwasher. For optimal efficiency, wash dishes in a full load.
  • Inspect your washing machine hoses for leaks or cracks. Generally, the hoses should be replaced about every three years to ensure they’re in good condition.
  • Take shorter showers or invest in an energy-efficient shower head.
  • Check irrigation systems and outdoor hoses for leaks.
  • Position sprinkler heads so that water isn’t being wasted on driveways, streets or sidewalks.
  • In order to reduce evaporation, water plants in the early morning, preferably before 7 a.m.

To help “beat the heat” and save money this summer, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is offering its customers promotion throughout the month of July. Please call or visit your local Benjamin Franklin plumbing's website for additional details and to schedule an appointment.

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