The Importance of Plumbers on National Plumber’s Day

April 25th is National Plumber’s Day also known as “Hug a plumber day,” a day to highlight the important services these professionals provide and show them some love for all they do.

Sarasota, FL (April 23, 2014) -  Consider what your morning routine would have been like today, without safe, clean, water; indoor plumbing; and the kitchen sink. We often take these conveniences for granted until we are stuck and need a plumber.

New innovations in plumbing have taken us from the time of Benjamin Franklin and water closets to new water saving gadgets in our kitchens and bathrooms and instant hot water. Every day, plumbers work to keep our water running, drains and pipes flowing and to solve plumbing related issues. They also offer solutions to help improve water quality, water savings and water flow in and around your home. That certainly deserves a hug.

When hiring a plumber consider someone who is licensed, insured and guarantees their work. Plumbers from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, have the latest training and tools to do jobs efficiently and economically. Our employees are background checked and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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