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You’ll “Tank” Yourself for Going Tankless

We’ve all been there. You turn on the water and go take care of an errand in the house while you wait for the water to warm up. Basically, the hot water has to travel from your water heater tank to the shower or tub you want to use. It wastes a lot of water and just doesn’t make sense.

Or, worse yet, the water never gets warm because the washing machine, dishwasher and other family members have used it all up!

Tankless = a better way to get hot water

A tankless water heater is an on-demand system. That means, when a person turns on the hot water at a faucet or in the shower, the unit will instantly deliver hot water. Tankless systems heat the water instantly by running it over heating elements instead of heating a multi-gallon storage tank. What’s really nice about tankless systems is that they only use gas when heating the water instead of all the time. Plus, the units tend to last longer.

Where are the best places to use a tankless system?

Most homes these days feature a new master bathroom with an oversized tub. Whether you have a 50 or even a 75-gallon tank water heater, there’s no way it will fill that oversized tub without losing heat. This area is perfect for a tankless water heater since it would be able to keep your tub filled 24 hours a day with no temperature loss and much more efficiently.

A few of the benefits of a Tankless Water Heater versus a traditional Tank-type Water Heater:

Last longer: tank-type water heaters have a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years and typically need replacing… often they will leak as well when they fail, risking damage to items nearby. A tankless system can last up to 20 years.

Saves money: You’ll save money on your monthly gas bill, due to not having to heat a tank of water 24 hours a day.

Can be repaired: If there are any mechanical problems with a tankless unit, parts can replaced.

If you’d like to find out if a tankless water heater is ideal for your home, or a particular room in your home, let the professionals at Ben Franklin Plumbing come out and evaluate the situation.

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