Do You Need a Water Filtration System in Minneapolis?

One of the most important parts of indoor plumbing is how drinkable the water it delivers is. For many residents of Minneapolis, having a water filtration system installed in their home is one of the best ways to ensure that their water is as clean as it should be. While tap water is filtered by municipals, other factors, such as pipe corrosion, can introduce contaminants into your water supply before it reaches your glass.

Water filtration systems remove substances such as:

  • Metals such as iron, arsenic, and copper
  • Organic materials
  • Chlorine
  • And more!

Even if tap water is safe to drink, many people find that they prefer the taste of filtered water. This is for a good reason—water filtration systems remove minerals and chemicals that can alter the taste of water. So, adding a water filtration system to your home can be a great way to receive great-tasting filtered water without the waste associated with buying it bottled!

Stinky Water: A Very Minneapolis Reason to Get a Water Filtration System

In Minnesota, we're already accustomed to dealing with the challenges brought by the winter months and the snow that accompanies them. However, one problem related to the snow shows up after it has melted.

As snow thaws, it melts and enters the source of our drinking water, the Mississippi River. As water from melted snow and ice join the river’s water, organic materials such as algae and leaves are brought with it. As a result, tap water in the Twin Cities area can develop an unpleasant smell.

While local water treatment plants treat this smelly water to make it safe to drink, they sometimes fail to adequately address the smell and taste issues related to post-thaw water. This is where having a water filtration system could benefit your home! As mentioned above, a water filtration system can help remove the tastes that make tap water unpleasant to drink.

Should I Install a Water Filtration System in Minneapolis?

You should install a water filtration system in your home if you’re concerned that contaminants enter your water after it has been purified by local treatment processes. While our public water is safe to drink, adding another layer of protection can only improve your drinking water experience at home!

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Greater Minneapolis, our team is ready to come to your home, test your water, and help you decide if a water filtration system is right for your needs and preferences. We offer a range of water filtration options, from whole-home water filtration systems to individual units that install at a sink. We always consider your budget, your preferences, and the specific needs of your home’s plumbing and water quality.

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