3 Kitchen Plumbing Renovations That Save Money Long Term

Making changes to your home doesn’t always have to be a big undertaking. There are plenty of things the average homeowner can do to make significant changes without a huge investment. Small renovations like these will help you save money in the long term, and they only take a minor effort right now!

Whether you’re trying to maximize savings or you just want a change of pace, try these kitchen renovation projects. You won’t be disappointed, especially when you start noticing the money you’re saving.

Invest in appliances with the WaterSense logo

The WaterSense label is a tag that the Environmental Protection Agency gives to appliances and fixtures that are especially water efficient. In order to qualify for a WaterSense label, the appliance must:

  • Perform as well as or better than comparable appliances
  • Be 20% more water efficient than average products of its category
  • Provide measurable water savings on a national level via technologically-advanced means.

These findings are independently certified by third-parties. You can find WaterSense-approved products for virtually any kitchen fixture, including dishwashers and faucets. Switching an older fixture to a new, WaterSense-approved version will help you save a significant amount of water and money long term.

Install a water aerator on your kitchen sink

An aerator mixes air with the water that pours out of your faucet. This is beneficial for two reasons: it reduces splattering, and it cuts down on water waste. Installing an aerator onto your kitchen faucet is quick and easy.

First, shut off your water using the under-sink valve. Remove the existing aerator by unscrewing it and set it aside. If you’ve already bought a new aerator kit, just follow the instructions for installation. Once you’re done, turn the water back on and everything will flow just a little bit better. Remember, there’s no shame in calling the pros for help with a faucet installation.

Make some minor cosmetic upgrades

This is less about saving money by using less water and more about increasing the value of your home. Making small, cosmetic plumbing upgrades can have a surprisingly considerable effect on your home’s resale value. A stylish new faucet, sink, or dishwasher can make a huge difference to a prospective home buyer.

You can accomplish little changes like these yourself, or you can enlist the help of your trusty local plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas. We can help make plumbing tune-ups that will benefit you now and in the future.