Translating What Your Discolored Water is Saying

What’s not to love about rainbows? They’re beautiful, bright, and they represent beauty and luck. When the colors of the rainbow appear in your sink, however, it’s an entirely different story. Discolored water coming from the taps in your home can mean a lot of different things depending on its color.

Next time you see a rainbow coming out of your faucets, look for your color below to figure out what it could mean.

If your water looks black…

…you probably have a problem with minerals in your water. Magnesium, in particular, turns black when mixed with oxygen. These are ultimately harmless, but discolored black water is unpleasant.

Having a whole-home water filtration system installed is a simple way to remove minerals from your tap water.

If your water looks pink…

…there’s probably potassium permanganate in your water. Potassium permanganate is a chemical used in the oxidation of iron and manganese. Luckily, if your water is only a discolored pink, it’s not dangerous to your health.

If your water looks teal (greenish-blue)…

…it’s because the copper pipes in your home are getting old. Over time, with wear and tear, copper pipes tend to take on a discolored greenish color. That green coloration can stain the water that passes through them.

Enough copper leakage in water could make the water poisonous to consume. Heavy metal poisoning can cause significant health damage to people that suffer from it. If you’re experiencing discolored green water, you should have your pipes replaced as quickly as possible.

If your water looks yellow…

…your pipes might be rusty. Rust could make your water look a discolored yellow, orange, or even red. Rusty water doesn’t cause significant or immediate health issues, but it can stain clothes. Try letting your water run a little before using it to see if the color fades.

If your water looks green…

…there’s probably some algae build up in the pipes or tanks. It will pass over time and won’t cause you any problems in the process.

If your water looks brown…

…there’s probably a problem with sewage getting into your home’s water supply. Don’t drink it, don’t use it, don’t bathe in it, and call a plumber immediately.

As you can see, some of these colors spell bad news for your plumbing. If you have a “bad news” color, it’s time to call in the pros.

Don’t worry: The pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas are always on standby, waiting to send someone by to clear things up when you call.