7 Reasons to Invest in a Water Filtration System

Water is great! It refreshes both your body and your state of mind. It’ll cool you when it’s hot outside and warm you when it’s cold. It supports your kidneys, your skin, your brain, and every other part of your body. It’s great! You know what makes it even greater? When your water comes from a water filtration system!

A complete home water filtration system is a piece of machinery that can be installed in your home at the point where the water main enters. It uses a three-part filtration process to remove sediments, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds naturally present in water to give you the freshest, cleanest hydration possible. If that already doesn’t make you want one, here are seven more reasons why investing in a water filtration system is a good idea:

They’re better for skin and hair

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals and heavy metals like chlorine, aluminum, and mercury – all of which are known to pull moisture from your skin and break down collagen. These contaminants can also strip oils from your hair, drying it and dulling it.

They help you save money on pre-bottled water

A 24 pack of bottled water contains a little over two gallons of water and can cost between two and five dollars. If every member of a four person family drinks two bottles a day, that 24 pack lasts three days. That means a family of four buying bottled water spends somewhere between $244 and $600 on water every year.

In other words, a family of four drinks a lot of water, and it can add up in ways you don’t even realize. A water filtration system is a one time investment that leads to long time savings.

They improve general health

Filtered water is a way to protect against potentials. Potential gastrointestinal distress from microorganisms in water. Potential long term health problems from heavy metals. Trouble in general. Keep your family safe from all of life’s problematic potentials with cleaner, safer water.

They can make food taste better

Unfiltered water can contain heavy metals and other contaminants that directly affect the taste of the water. That water also affects the taste of cooking. Better tasting, filtered water means better tasting food.

Cleaning water helps make cleaner air

Water evaporates, and the same potential contaminants that can come from drinking and cooking with unfiltered water can end up in the air you breathe if you don’t do something about them.

They help the environment

We already told you about all the water a family can drink each day. Those plastic bottles add up, and they add up fast. Did you know that it can take almost 450 years for a single plastic bottle to completely disintegrate? Oof.

They prepare you for potential disasters

Water contamination can happen. Sewer lines can burst and spill into surrounding drains. Get ahead of potential disasters by having an in-home filtration system. Nobody can see random disasters or their consequences coming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them.

If you’ve been sold on the benefits of a whole home water filtration system, don’t wait to call the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas for help getting one installed. Start the process toward safer, cleaner water for you and your family today.