You’re Forgetting to Clean These 4 Places in Your Home

Your definition of a clean home may be slightly skewed.

The baseboards are dusted and the laundry room is spotless, but you could be missing a few key places.

Don’t blame yourself for forgetting some of the dirtiest places in your home — now’s your chance to take control. Check out these 4 places you’re forgetting to clean in your home.

  1. Kitchen sponges

Have you thought about how many germs are resting in your kitchen sponge? If the sponge isn’t often on your list of things to clean, you probably haven’t. Products you use to clean items in your home can become just as dirty as the things they’re cleaning and deserve a little extra care now and then. Cleaning your sponge will help your dishes stay clean. Or, replacing it altogether will ensure it’s in the best shape.

  1. Between and under appliances

As soon as you pull out the oven or the refrigerator, you’ll understand why it’s important to clean under them once or twice per year. The dust and germs that accumulate under large fixtures can add up. And if there’s a piece of food or something else rotting under there, you won’t be happy leaving it be – a rancid smell will take hold eventually. Besides, you could find that piece of silverware you’ve been looking for!

  1. Door knobs

It’s time to include door knobs on your list of things to clean. After a long day at work or outside the house, touching the doorknob can bring a plethora of germs and bacteria into your home. If you’re opening and closing cupboards as you’re baking or cooking, the mess on your hands could land on your china cupboard. If you’re dealing with raw meat or other foods, you could be causing more damage than you think.

  1. Behind the toilet

Ah, the last place you’ve like to clean. As much as you hate to be on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor behind the toilet, you’re doing some good. Left unclean, that area of your home becomes a breeding ground for germs that could be a hazard to your health. Instead of letting the dirt and grime build up, clean behind the toilet as part of your regular routine. It won’t be that bad.

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