5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

If you follow a few easy tips, you can keep your garbage disposal in good working order for longer. Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly is your first line of defense, and good maintenance can prevent the need for garbage disposal repair. Here are a few different ways to safely clean your garbage disposal:

1. Dish soap

Since food goes down the disposal, dish soap is a great way to cut through the grease that can coat the inside of your disposal, lead to odors and potentially shorten the lifespan of your garbage disposal. First, make sure your disposal is turned off. Fill your sink with hot water and dish soap. After it filled all the way up, remove the stopper and turn on the disposal. Allow the water and soap to slowly drain. The disposal will work the solution throughout the internal parts and pipes.

2. Bleach

If you have an issue with odor, that means food particles have become stuck in your disposal. Bleach will help loosen food and get rid of the odor. Remember, you don’t need very much! Pour a small amount down the drain while running cold water to push food through the disposal.

3. Citrus

If bleach will be too harsh for your aging pipes or you want to get rid of the resulting bleach smell, a small wedge of lemon works wonders. Cut a lemon into small pieces and drop them one by one down the disposal while it’s running. Be sure to run water at the same time. All those icky odors should dissipate, leaving your kitchen smelling citrus-fresh.

4. Ice cubes

Not only will ice cubes help dislodge food particles in your disposal, they will help sharpen the grinders! Like with food particles, you should make sure the cubes you’re putting down the disposal are on the smaller side or pre-cut a bit.

5. Vinegar & baking soda

When used together, vinegar and baking soda create a chemical reaction that’s extremely effective at loosening build-up in your pipes. The vinegar in particular acts as a natural bacteria killer and deodorizer. It’s also highly acidic, so it’s good at breaking down old food particles inside your disposal.

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