Two-Handle Water Faucet Repair

A leaky faucet is easily one of the most annoying things on the planet. At Punctual Plumber Dallas, we know that being able to fix your own little leaks can save you a lot of time over having to wait for a plumber in Dallas Fort Worth. Here are materials you may need for two-handle water faucet repair:

  • Screwdriver
  • Faucet-handle puller
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Seat washer
  • Fastener screw
  • Valve seat

Disassembling the Handle

Usually a drip from the spout of the faucet indicates that a washer is probably unseated in one of the handles. For water faucet repair, you will need to disassemble the handle. Pop off the cap on top of the handle using something like a screwdriver as necessary, then unscrew the exposed screw. Make sure to push down really hard. If you strip this screw, it becomes more difficult. If you have a fused handle, use a faucet-handle puller.

Disassembling the Stem

Using an adjustable wrench, remove the packing nut. Use needle-nose pliers to pull out the stem assembly. The seat washer and fastener screw are likely to be in bad shape, as they usually cause leaky faucets. You may want to replace both the screw and the seat washer to fix the leak.


With a new screw and washer in place, but the stem back on the valve seat. Make sure to inspect the valve seat for damage as well. If it is in bad shape, it will also need to be replaced. Screw the handle back in place and place the cap back on.

Call for Help When Necessary

Two-handle water faucet repair can be done by any handy homeowner. If you find yourself unable to take apart your handle because of a stripped screw or some other reason, contact Punctual Plumber Dallas.