How to Drain Your Water Heater: Water Heater Maintenance

The average homeowner probably doesn’t give their water heater a lot of thought, until it stops working. At Ben Franklin we want to help extend the life of this valuable appliance, so we recommend draining it annually to remove any built-up sediment. By performing this function at least once a year, you are more likely to enjoy your water heater maintenance free. Here are four simple steps to follow.

Turn off the Water Supply

If the water heater is electric, turn the power off at the breaker. If it’s a gas heater, turn the thermostat knob to pilot. Connect a regular garden hose to the drain valve and turn off the cold water that feeds into the water heater.

Drain the Hot Water

Open one of the hot water faucets inside the house to prevent a vacuum effect inside the lines. Then open the drain valve on the water heater to drain the hot water from the tank. Make sure the other end of the garden hose is aimed away from the house and in a location where nothing can be harmed by hot water.

Flush out Remaining Sediments

After the water has stopped flowing from the hose, turn the water supply back on. This flushes out the remaining sediments in the tank. Once you see the water is running clear, close off the drain valve and turn off the faucet that’s running inside the house.

Test the Pressure-Release Valve

Once the tank has filled with water, turn the power supply back on. After the water temperature is hot again, test the pressure-release valve by following the manufacturer’s instructions. This device prevents excess pressure or overheating; if it’s faulty then you may need to give us a call. We pride ourselves in being water heater maintenance experts.

If you have any questions regarding water heater maintenance, then give your favorite plumbing company a call. Ben Franklin offers experienced, reliable and prompt service to ensure all your plumbing needs are met.