3 Mistakes That Lead to Emergency Plumbing Repair

It is no secret that just a little bit of water can cause a lot of damage. Between water stains and mold, you want to avoid getting the wet stuff in places it shouldn’t be. There are several mistakes many homeowners make that end up requiring emergency plumbing repair from our team at Ben Franklin. Do your best to avoid the following:

1. Flushing Things You Should Not

Flushing paper towels down the toilet is an easy way to find yourself in need of emergency plumbing repair. Avoid flushing hazardous waste or other substances that your toilet cannot handle. Stick to toilet paper and other approved cleaning products only.

2. Letting the Water Run

If you notice a leak, your first instinct is probably to plug it right away. However, your first step should always be to shut off the water. Failure to do so will at minimum cause more water to escape; at worse, you could have a small flood on your hands and really be in need of some Dallas area plumbers.

 3. Doing It Yourself When You Should Not

Some homeowners can handle patching basic leaks, but in general, you should always get in touch with a professional to take care of your emergency plumbing repair. Our staff at Ben Franklin is highly trained and can fix your issues quickly to prevent additional damage. Whether you need help now or have other plumbing needs, give us a call so we can find you a solution.