A Common Water Quality Question Answered

When you turn on the faucet in your home you expect clear, clean water to flow out of it. If anything other than pristine water is coming out of your tap do you need to be concerned about your water quality? One of the most common water quality questions asked of the Ben Franklin team in Dallas is whether discolored water is something to be concerned about. Many homeowners are familiar with the light brown or straw yellow water that sometimes comes out of the faucet; this is actually a very common occurrence.

How Does This Happen?

Water can become discolored as a result of sitting too long inside your home’s pipes. You are most likely to see this after being away from home for a few days. If no water circulates inside your home then what is currently in the pipes will settle and can become discolored as a result of prolonged contact with the pipes. If you notice a light brown color to your water, simply allow the faucet to run for a few seconds. This old water will be pushed out and you will see the familiar clear water flow out in a few seconds.

What if the Water Remains Discolored?

If the discoloration does not resolve within a few seconds and the water remains discolored, there may be a problem in the pipes. Though the water quality in Plano is highly dependable, naturally occurring minerals and other substances may intrude into the water supply. Corrosion of your home’s internal piping can also cause discoloration. If discoloration does not quickly resolve then call the Ben Franklin team.