The Chemistry of Your Tap Water

Ever wonder what’s in your tap water? Understanding the chemistry of your tap water is important when researching what type of water you want to drink. Here’s the scoop on local Dallas water.

What’s in the Water?

Tap water is generally safe to drink, depending on where you live. However, despite being just okay for your health, tap water often contains traces of chemicals such as chlorine, lead and fluoride.

While consuming fluoride is good for your teeth, the other chemicals that pour from your spigot may be doing more harm than good. The FDA monitors tap water to ensure there are not dangerous levels of chemicals in the water; however, consuming any unnecessary chemicals is never good for you.

Additionally, the traces of chemicals found in the water can often give tap water a bad or unpleasant taste. In this case, many people prefer drinking bottled or self-filtered water for better tasting water guaranteed to be free of chemicals. However, this can get expensive very quickly. It also adds excess waste to the environment.

The Disadvantages of Handheld Filters

If you would prefer to self-filter your water at home, a Brita water filter can be a good investment, but refilling these small filters every time or every few times you’re thirsty can be a hassle. For many, the easiest way to be sure what you’re consuming is healthy for you and eco-friendly is investing in a home water filtration system.

Whole Home Filtration Systems

Systems that provide water filtration for your home come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Filtration systems can be attached directly to the spouts around your home or can be purchased as a system which filters all the water in your house before it hits the faucet.

Investing in water filtration for your home is a proactive way to take control of your health. Our bodies are made mostly of water, so make sure the water you’re drinking is good for you!

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