Prompt Gas Leak Detection Saves Lives

Natural gas is one of the best ways to heat water and power a home’s furnace. It does not produce noxious gasses when burned and is fairly efficient. With all of these benefits comes one drawback: natural gas is deadly if breathed by humans. Taking preemptive gas leak detection steps can save you and your family from being killed by a natural gas leak. Ben Franklin can help you take the steps you need to detect gas in or around your home.

Harmful Gas Detector

There are two main types of specialized detectors that are perfect for helping to keep a safe home. One is a smoke detector and another is a harmful gas detector. The second option works much the same as a smoke detector, but beeps when there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or natural gas. This is an excellent method for gas leak detection in your house.

Why We can Smell an Odorless Gas

You may have heard that natural gas is odorless, but have smelled the rotten egg smell of a natural gas leak. This is because while natural gas is being processed, a distinct odor is added to it to make it safer for home use. Your nose is the very last resort you should use for gas leak detection.

To be prepared for harmful gas in your house, you should keep the number of an emergency plumber with your other emergency supplies. Ben Franklin can come to your rescue when you have a gas leak. Simply contact us and we will come as soon as we can aid and fix this potentially deadly problem.