New Faucet Innovations

Although innovation in the world of plumbing hasn’t been as dramatic as it has in other systems in your home, it has progressed. Our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas have compiled this list of cool faucets that embed some of the latest technology to lower water use and offer user-friendly conveniences.

Low-water use

The U.S. EPA started a new program a few years ago called WaterSense. Faucets and showerheads that have exceptionally low water use carry this label. Faucets can use as few as 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) and showerheads as few as 2.0 GPM. If you don’t need a new faucet installation, you can cut the amount you use by installing aerators that carry the WaterSense label, found at home centers, or our licensed plumbers can install them for you.

Motion sensors

We’re all familiar with the motion-activated faucets found in public restrooms and this innovation has finally made to the kitchen and bathrooms for your home. Some of these faucets have motion detectors, while others use highly sensitive touch technology embedded in parts of the faucet to start and stop the water flow.

The advantages of these products are many. Since you don’t have to turn or move the handle to activate the water flow, the faucet carries fewer germs, lowers water use, and lowers the likelihood of hard water deposits. These faucets work best with professional plumbing installation, however, because of potential warranty issues that could result in needing an unlikely faucet repair during the covered period.

Pause buttons

Some manufacturers have developed buttons you can push to pause the flow of water, which makes it easier to water plants, fill pans sitting on the counter, or simply cleaning the kitchen.

If you need a plumber to learn more about these innovations and more, please contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas.