The Advantages of a Low-Flow Toilet

As a homeowner in the Dallas or Frisco areas, you may be wondering about the benefits of installing a low-flow toilet. Low flow toilets use half as much water to expel waste through the toilet. Over time, the reduction in water consumption could significantly reduce your utility bills. Our professional plumbers explain the benefits of a low-flow toilet for your home or business.

Lower Water Usage

The flushing of a toilet accounts for the largest portion of your residential water usage and accounts for a large portion of business water usage as well. Before 1994, most toilets used from 5 to 7 gallons of water for each flush. New federal standards changed this to 3.4 gallons per flush. Most low flow toilets use just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. By reducing the amount of water used in each flush of the toilet, your home or business’ water consumption will decrease, reducing your sanitary water and sewer bill.

Increased Environmental Friendliness

With many areas of the country facing significant water usage restrictions, installing a low flush toilet can help ease the burden of water use in your community. Installing low flow toilets provides a distinct advantage to your home if you list it on the real estate market. Putting low flow toilets into your business helps your customers and investors realize that you are not only cost conscious, but environmentally aware as well.

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