Winter Pipe Repair and Plumbing Maintenance from Your Dallas TX Plumber

plumbing emergency or pipe repair problem can be a frustrating obstacle at any time of the year, but it is especially troublesome during the winter months. Frozen ground makes it more difficult to access pipes or the septic tank, and poor weather may prevent repair companies from attending to the problem quickly. Fortunately, with its 24 hour emergency service and on-time guarantee, Ben Franklin Plumbing is the plumbing company that is most qualified to handle your winter plumbing repair needs. Here are a few tips to help you minimize cold weather plumbing hassles and know when it is time to call a professional plumber.

Winter Plumbing Tips

First and foremost, proper winter plumbing maintenance and care can often prevent problems before they happen or lessen the impact of various plumbing issues. As with any time during the year, be careful not to flush items that could block pipes. Food, diapers, hygiene products, and grease are a few examples of things that could easily lead to blockage if they are flushed down a toilet or placed in a drain. Take the time to look for exposed pipes as these commonly become frozen during winter. Something as simple as installing minimal insulation can protect these pipes. During winter, it is also advisable to open the cabinet below the sink where pipes are often installed. Allowing warmer air to regularly enter this area will make freezing less of a possibility.

Other maintenance tasks require the aid of a professional plumber. Ensuring the completion of periodic jobs such as regular septic tank cleaning will save you from the annoyance and cost of hiring a plumber to access the tank through frozen ground. Other plumbing elements such as water heaters should also be serviced on a regular basis in order to prevent emergencies.

In addition to maintaining plumbing, it is essential that you call a plumber as soon as you notice a potential problem. Waiting simply gives the issue time to worsen and will often lead to greater damage and higher costs. With exceptional customer service, reasonable rates, and qualified and courteous professionals on staff, Ben Franklin Plumbing offers a caliber of service that will exceed your expectation. Don’t wait to report a winter plumbing issue; call us or contact us online to solve the problem before it gets away from you!