How to Clear Drain Clogs After the Holidays

Most of the family has cleared out of the house and preparations are underway for New Year’s celebrations with friends. The season’s festivities undoubtedly will put a strain on your plumbing, particularly your drains. Your drain clog experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are here to help with some preventative maintenance. If the problem becomes too great then Ben Franklin is the preferred plumber in the Dallas area.

Water is not the only thing pouring down our pipes and drains. This is the main cause of drain clogs and being aware of what things are being put into your drains is an important part of knowing how to best proceed in clearing the clog. The kitchen sink is the most used drain in your home and anything from small food items, leftovers, cooking oils and grease, and non-food items are put into our garbage disposal or sink. Bathroom drains in the shower or toilet present a different kind of problem with anything from clumped hair, toilet paper, and anything kids might put down the drain.

For serious clogged drains, call the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, for professional service. For mild drain clogs, remove the stopper or strainer and remove any objects you find before pouring hot water down the drain. Usually, hot water can solve slight clogs as the heat will loosen any clumping.

If hot water does not work or if you’re dealing with a toilet drain, a plunger should be used. It is a good idea to keep a plunger in each of your toilet areas and bathrooms as you never know when you will need one. If you are comfortable with a sewer snake or auger, one of these plumbing drain cleaners should be the course of action after a plunger fails. Always call a professional plumber at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing if you are uncomfortable cleaning your own drain. Often it is best to let a professional handle it so as not to make matters worse leading to more costly plumbing repairs.

Best practices for drain clog prevention:

  • Avoid dumping food, grease, and coffee grounds into your sink drain
  • Install sink strainers and sink stoppers in drains and consistently clean them
  • Run cold water in your garbage disposal while using it to chop up food
  • Never flush paper towels or non-toilet paper products down the toilet
  • Pour hot water down drains often to prevent buildup in pipes

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