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When You Want a Plumber in Wichita, You Want a Veteran

We often say to veterans, “Thank you for your service,” and understandably so. They’ve fought for our freedom and they deserve our thanks. It’s a big deal and we’re always proud to honor our vets.

Ironically, and to be a bit philosophic, you can think “thank you for your service” to an old drain or plumbing part. Like a veteran, they serve admirably and “behind the scenes,” but then when they’re missing or out of commission then you suddenly realize how much you need them. So if there’s a drain that you need to say “thank you for your service,” to, call us at Ben Franklin for our drain cleaning service and we’ll thank it and clean it so it runs like new again.

There are few things worse in the home than having a drain that gets blocked up. The first you know about it is when the water starts to run away slowly, but many people just don’t make the connection at that stage and it gets to the point where it won’t run away at all. That’s when you definitely need our drain cleaning service veterans to help.

Time-Served Craftsmen

When we say veterans, we mean veterans. All of our plumbers are time-served craftsmen for a very good reason. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best and really don’t want someone just out of plumbing school working on their drains. So it’s very simple: we don’t employ trainees, only skilled plumbers with many years of experience. That ensures that the job gets done right the first time. We also provide a 24-hour service, 365 days a year, so that if your drain gets blocked at 11.00 pm you can still call us, and we will come out right away.

In fact, from that point of view, it is a good idea to do what a lot of people have done, and that is to put our number into the directory of your mobile. You may never need us, but if you do have a problem and need a drain cleaning service in the middle of the night, you won’t then need to start searching on Google trying to find a 24-hour plumbing service because you’ll have our number right there. Do it now while you think about it. It’s 316-202-1069 – just file it under “Emergency plumber”.

We can also provide you with Bio Ben. This is a natural biological drain line, septic tank, and grease trap maintainer that contains naturally occurring bacteria. They thrive on organic waste that goes down the drain, and so they keep the drains free of problems.