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Call Ben, Ben Franklin Because We’re the Drain Cleaning Experts in Wichita

There are two types of blocked drains: the ones you knew about and the ones that you didn’t. Strangely enough, which type you have really doesn’t make any difference at all when it actually blocks up and dirty water starts backing up into the home. Or worse.

We won’t go into the gory details, because we guess you can get the idea. But yes, it happens!

To distinguish between the two types, the first is the situation where you have seen the water draining slowly out of the kitchen sink or the shower and you keep thinking to yourself that “I really ought to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita, Kansas, and get this fixed.” In the case of most people who phone us when they need a drain cleaning service in Wichita that has been the situation – sometimes for weeks. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem urgent. And the fact is that it’s not. Well, not until the water won’t drain at all. Then suddenly it becomes an emergency.

No Warning: The Drain Clogs (and You Call Our Drain Cleaning Service)

Of course, there is always the other type of problem where everything seems to be OK and then one fine day the water simply won’t drain away – period. No warning of any kind. In these cases it might be that the kids have flushed something down the loo or something that you drained out of the kitchen sink is just too large, and it gets jammed and is quickly followed up by more debris causing a blockage.

However, the first kind is far more common. One of the major causes of drain issues is tree roots. Trees always need water, and if they sense that your drain is full of it they will send their roots over to investigate. Those roots will get through the tiniest crack, and you have the beginnings of a problem. Wichita and all of Central Kansas has VERY aggressive trees. Do not mess with them in a fight. They don’t fight fair.

No worries! Even if your drain fills up with tree roots we have the answer, and it doesn’t involve digging up your yard. No, the Ben Franklin drain cleaning service is far more sophisticated than that. We have a special machine that has a variety of cutter heads and we can send it down the drain and simply cut away the roots. Clever, huh? Then we can use a special herbicide which seeks out the cut edges and will kill off the roots and prevent them from growing again. End of problem.

Whatever your reason for calling our drain cleaning service in Wichita and the surrounding cities, you can be assured that we use the very latest technology and that we will have everything flowing freely again very fast.