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Ben Franklin For The Fastest Wichita Drain Cleaning Service

Many of the homes in Wichita are on the older side and as a result, the drains can begin to clog up over time, until in many cases they simply will not drain into the city sewer line at all.

That is no fun whatsoever, as you will know if you have ever had the experience. So if your sink, shower, and bath begin to drain away slowly then it’s time to call for our drain cleaning service.

Let’s be honest, if you have some sort of a blockage clogging up your drain, it is not going to get better on its own. It is only going to get worse, and you certainly don’t want to leave it until your toilet won’t flush. We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy. We can clean and clear any drains inside your home including the bathtub, shower, bathroom lavatory, toilet, floor drain, dishwasher, kitchen sink, laundry room washing machine, and any other drain line that flows into the sanitary sewer.

With our drain cleaning service we can also repair or replace all drain lines, waste lines, and vent lines made of plastic, or of cast iron – which will be the case in older properties here in the Wichita area. In addition, we can provide you with our Bio Ben drain cleaning service which is a maintenance system for drain and sewer lines that, as the name suggests, acts biologically. It keeps your drain lines clean by using natural bacteria that actually live on any organic waste that goes down the drain thus keeping the drain clear.

Tree Roots: The Bane of Wichita

Sometimes the problem with drain and sewer lines becoming blocked is the result of roots of trees or shrubs growing into the drain line. This can happen when a crack occurs in the drain line. Tree roots are constantly seeking for water, and your drain line is a place where there is steady supply. Especially with recent dry years here in Wichita and throughout Central Kansas, if the drain becomes cracked water will begin to seep into the soil around it and the tree will send its’ roots over to have a look. The roots then grow through any crack into the drain line and over time will completely block the drain.

Fortunately, we have specialist video equipment that we can send down the drain line in order to see what is going on. We can even make a video of it to show you. If the problem is tree roots we also employ specialist cutting equipment which can reach as far as 100’ into the drain and cut out the offending roots with a range of different cutter heads. After this, we can use a herbicidal root killer which will kill the roots on contact and prevent them from growing again.

So call Ben Franklin for all Wichita drain cleaning problems, and let us get everything flowing again for you.