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Toilet Repair Service in Wichita? Plumber? or Both?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a plumber.

When you have a leaking toilet, who you gonna call? Not ghostbusters, obviously. Nor yet Superman.

Do you call a toilet repair service or do you call a plumber for toilet repair?

It really doesn’t matter what you call us – we’re both. But a toilet repair service is only one of the things we do. Sure we can fix your toilet, but we can fix your leaking shower, clear your drains, unblock your sewer pipe, install a garbage disposal unit, fit a new tap, install gas central heating, put in a new water heater or fix the existing one – in fact if it has anything at all to do with water or gas pipes one of our plumbers can handle it. He’s not only a plumber for toilet repair, although we do repair quite a number of them.

Usually Not Too Difficult A Job

Repairing a faulty toilet water tank – or cistern – is a relatively straightforward job when you are a skilled plumber. There are a couple of reasons why the tank might leak, but they are usually not too difficult to repair unless the tank has become cracked, which can happen with plastic tanks. In that case there is nothing else for it – you need a new tank. Even so, it is not an item of major expense.

Of course, repairing the toilet bowl is another matter entirely. If that has become cracked there is very little that can be done, other than to replace it. Then again, if it is just leaking where the pipe from the tank enters, that is a simple enough job. Any of our plumbers will be able to advise you on the problem very quickly.

Highly Skilled Plumbers Serving Wichita & Environs

All of our plumbers are highly skilled technicians with many years of experience. We only employ the best of the best, and even then all of them undergo continuing training, attending seminars and workshops on new products and systems, and keeping up with all the latest developments in order that they can give Ben Franklin Plumbing customers here in Central Kansas nothing short of what they expect and deserve – outstanding service that is exemplary.

We also provide a genuine 24 hours service 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter whether you have a leak at 2.00 am or at 2.00 pm – the fact is that it needs fixing and it needs fixing now! The same thing applies to a blocked sewer pipe or drains. It is not a pleasant thought, but people in your home cannot go for any length of time without using the toilet, so it needs to be cleared or unblocked as a matter of urgency. So when you need a plumber for toilet repair in Wichita or nearby cities like Andover or Haysville, just call us and we’ll be on our way.