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Water Conditioning


Hard water carries an overabundance of minerals like calcium and magnesium. They make soap and detergents difficult to lather and even harder to rinse clean, leaving soap scum on your tub, your dishes and your skin. Over time, these minerals form a scale that can damage water-using appliances like your coffee maker or humidifier, and can even clog your pipes.

Water conditioners and softeners use a complex process to remove these minerals from your water, leaving you with spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes and a shower stall minus the water spots and soap scum. If you have a water softener and you’re still seeing mineral scale buildup, it’s time to have it checked.

Traditional water softeners aren’t able to cope with the minerals causing unsightly rust stains on your fixtures or the cause of the rotten egg smell in your tap water, but a water conditioning system can. Our H2O HarmonyTM  water conditioner system provides whole-home treatment that

  • Removes sediment particles as small as 20 microns -- that’s 5X smaller than a human hair! Test: After the ice has melted in your drink, can you see flakes and debris?
  • Improves the taste and odor of your water through a special activated carbon filter. Test: Fill a clean glass and take a sniff. Does it smell like pool water? Can you smell sulfur or rotten eggs?
  • Neutralizes acidity by elevating the pH levels. Test: Look at the edge of your faucets. Do you see the effects of oxidation? Acidic water eats away metal, leading to premature piping and appliance failures.
  • Reduces iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfides that contribute to staining of fabrics, dishes and fixtures.  Test: compare a new white garment to a freshly-laundered one. Dingy whites can indicate an overabundance of minerals which can’t be counteracted by bleach or other chemicals.

As an alternative option, water conditioners can also be installed for use in only one location, such as the kitchen or laundry room.

Your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® expert will examine your water softener, listen to the details of your problem and make a clinical test before making a diagnosis and offering suggestions. He will explain the necessary services or repairs and ensure you understand your options before setting to work. Our plumbers can repair your existing water softener, or replace it and install a new model.

Whether repairing or servicing your water softener, or installing a whole-home water conditioning system, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin® are here to help.

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